Stories with No Mind Control

Please link any stories that you find on the site that appear to have no mind control (or variants thereof) in this thread. This will give people the opportunity to comment if they see something you missed, and if the story is confirmed as being free of MC, the site owner can take appropriate action.


I’ll start by saying that none of Zandro’s stories seem to have any form of MC in them. There do seem to be some unlikely things going on, but nothing that really jumps out at me as being specifically MC or hypnosis or anything of that nature.

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I saw those too, and thought the same thing

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I just had a quick re-read of the first Zandro’s Pecs story, and I think it’s a very subtle MC story. I’ll have a read of the rest when I get some more time, although does anybody know what happened to parts 3 & 4?

They’re in the original NCMC archive, but not on here.

That’s why I put it up for a second opinion, cuz like I said, there do seem to be some unusual things going on, but it’s not clear that it’s MC. I was going pretty quickly, though, so maybe I missed something.

I’ll keep them for now. Same as with Leather Asylum’s stories, he also wondered whether his stories would fit on the site.

I don’t want to be too restrictive at this time, but this is why I’m thinking about creating an alternative site. In my opinion, GSS should stay focused on mind control stories.

That would honestly be a shame. There are lots of muscle growth/body swap stories here too. Maybe the site needs broadening to include all of those stories. It’s all kinds of control and domination. (I’ve wrote a few myself lol)
Why separate out the fetishes?

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I have no opinion about including other fetishes here, but would like them to be clearly marked as not having much MC included.

One story I would like to bring up is the a new crop series by Hypnothrill, which is hot and sexy and one of my favourites but also more about replacing the human with pod people rather than Mind Control per se.

It’s arguable that a bunch of my stories don’t contain much MC. Is it really mind control if the person is transformed into someone who thinks differently? Often my stories rank pretty low on the “Mind Control” scoring, but I publish here anyway, because I feel like the community that I’m writing for is here.

(Well, and a lot of it was published back when it was the NCMC. Since we’re working from a preexisting archive that didn’t centre exclusively around MC, it’s hard to argue that MC is a vital component of the stories here.)

When you submit a story, Mind Control should be a category. Every story has one, and Mind Control isn’t available from the dropdown right now. That might help with the tagging.

  • Derek Williams

I consider transformation, where the person also gets a different personality, a kind of mind control. Same with altered reality. That’s why they are their own categories…

So your stories are fine, Derek, and more than welcome. You"re one of the most profilic writers here, and I certainly don’t want to lose you!

Mind-Control is not a category on purpose. It’s too generic. It’s a tag, however, if you want to narrow it down.

The categories should define HOW the mind-controlling is done, Transformation, Altered Reality, Hypnosis etc, are all means to control someones mind in one way or the other.

To me, Gay Spiral Stories feels like a pretty generic catch-all title for the site which doesn’t scream “mind control”. Like Derek, I’d say most of my stories focus more on transformation and personality change than what might be more narrowly definted as mind control, and those were also the stories which drew me to the NCMC in the first place.

I’d lean toward keeping this as a single inclusive site, perhaps with the addition of buttons that lead directlly to sections or “galleries” where you could go if you’re solely interested in mind control or transformation or whatever.

It doesn’t annoy me that there are plenty of stories on here that don’t push my buttons. I just glance at the tags and decide not to read them if, say, “feet” or “filth” are prominently listed.

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We already have tags and categories. Is what’s missing a drop down menu filled with the categories so that a user can quickly go to pages that have stories filtered to just those categories?

Well, actually you can - in the search.

What’s missing, hoewver, is an option to filter out unwanted categories on the main page. Something I had planned, but never implemented, because noone requested it and it seemed the categories were not THAT well received when I introduced them.

But I’ll happily add that filter on the main page (and the story list) if people want it!

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M’eh. I suspect people want things but won’t know what they are or how to use them once they are there, which is why no one is using them already.

For that to work, you’d have to add visible, obvious options on the home page, and save them somewhere so that the user doesn’t have to choose them again and the home page stays filtered for them. Easy enough if they are logged in, but if not, it’s a bit harder.

I’d suggest using get URL options so that people who have cookies turned off can still book mark something that works. Although they can probably do all of that already if they really care to figure it out.

User interface is hard :frowning:

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I missed mentioning that real estate on the home page is already at a premium and adding much of anything will push stuff off the bottom of the screen without scrolling on a phone…

Metabods offers a bunch of different sorting options, including one page where all the tags are listed. Maybe that’d be simpler for people who don’t know how to use the search drop-down? (Just noticed they also have a word-cloud of all the tags at the bottom of their home page.)

My two cents is I’d love for GSS to expand to all story types. I like writing some stories that don’t have any MC elements and even some fan fictions. As a writer, it’s frustrating that I have to go to X site to post these and Y site to post those and Z site to post some genres but not all.

Not necessarily saying GSS should, but I really wish there was a single place that I could post and read at, allowing me to dig into specific categories based on my mood.

I think the caveat would be fan fiction. Partly because it imposes different legal issues and partly because sorting and categorizing derivative work would be a nightmare, I’m sure.

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I understand what youre saying as an author, but you’re not considering your readers at all. The fact that this site is only mind control and gay means that authors that write in that category don’t have to get creative with how to connect with their readers. The Amazon Kindle store is one stop for all kinds of books, and there’s tons and tons and tons of books on marketing so that you can connect with your niche audience. Because unless you’re writing romance targeted at straight women, you’re not going to be top of the charts, and your potential audience will have to search for you, since your book lands on page 100399. If you are a new/unknown author, without any fans, it’s tough to get them without niche sites like the gay spiral.