Story Challenge Questions

I’ve been searching for a thread to ask a question, but there doesn’t seem to be one (at least as far as I’ve searched) so I think it would be great to have a thread specifically made for your questions about the current challenge (whatever it may be at the moment).

So the challenge now is about a superhero. I’m writing a superhero that basically turns into a villain. Would that be okay?

That’s certainly fine, a superhero who turned into a villain is certainly a fallen hero. Go for it! :slight_smile:


Now that I think about it, that was a pretty dumb question lol.

I took the theme and looked at it more psychologically and metaphorically (wouldn’t I? :sweat_smile: )

It’ll be the first Story Challenge I enter, since the very first time one.

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Sounds great!

Not a question, but a comment about the challenge… I was writing my own submission but it kept getting longer and longer as the story and world revealed more and more of themselves to me. And it looks like I’m not going to finish in time to submit. All well. Maybe I’ll break it up into several chapters.

If you really will not finish then c’est la vie :man_shrugging:, it’s only a challenge and there is no prizes; It’s just for fun.

As a general rule of thumb these contest entries should not be too long, I believe Martin recommends less then 10000 words, (although it’s not like anyone is gonna decapitate you for going over).

My advice is, chill, keep it, keep working and release it when it’s done. The original point of these challenges is to inspire new stories.
The challenge itself is just for fun and inspiration anyways; The fact you were inspired to write is already great. It’s not essential you enter the contest, to be inspired by the contest.

Keep your story, don’t rush it, and release it as it’s own thing, in it’s own time.
If you get a popular series from it, happy days, and you’ve not really missed out on anything of consequence.

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There’s nothing to add to what @thedirtyspiders said. Other than we’re looking forward to the new series you’re just writing :slight_smile:

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