Story Idea: gay couple enslaved

I wrote the following short story based on the picture below on my tumblr account, and I though it’d be a good starting place if someone was looking for an idea for a longer story:


One day the twink had simply walked through their front door and into the kitchen.The older gay couple had been making dinner before they looked up to see this young man with a small erection tenting through his shorts. Before they could even react, he uttered a single word: “freeze”. Suddenly they were both stuck in place, unable to speak. They could only listen as his words washed over them and rewired their minds.

“This is my house now. Everything within it is my property, including both of you. I am your lord and master. You will serve me, worship me, and love me. You’re still husbands, but now you are united in your need to please me. Now strip. I want to be served.”

And suddenly they were ripping off their clothes as they fell to their knees, displaying their beautiful, muscular bodies. They crawled to their new owner, kissing his feet and making their way up his pale, skinny legs. They pulled down his shorts and stared in holy reverence at his 4-inch cock. A primal need took over one of them, and he engulfed his young lord’s entire length as his husband massaged the boy’s balls and stroked his chest.

Afterwards, their lives became one of blissful servitude. The younger husband quit his job to serve the Master full-time, cooking his meals, folding his laundry, sucking his cock and getting fucked. The other continued to work to provide Master with money for all his material wants. At his lunch break, he would stroke himself as he thought of Master fucking his husband in their bed. At night, Master would sleep in their bed as they curled around his feet.

One morning, as the older husband swallowed the hot shaft of his Master’s morning wood before heading off to work, he wondered how his Master had done this to them. Master had graciously left their memories of their lives Before intact, so he knew it hadn’t always been like this. Was he a scientist who had discovered the key to mind control? A hormonal young man who’d developed impossible abilities? Some mythical being unseen by the world? A God? But then Master grunted and released a hot load down his throat, washing away those silly thoughts once and for all.


Any idea what movie it’s from?

Its Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber, and Phenix Saint in Stepfather’s Secret

(Johnny is actually the bottom in this scene, but there are next to no mainstream porn movies with a twink top and a muscle bottom, so I just took the one shot from this where they’re both blowing him)

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I like the nerdy dominant top and muscle submissive bottom, I the I that’s hot. (I’m not a fan of the dominating a gay couple, I prefer the domination of straights to be honest.)

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Thank you, Yourmind123!

Me too, most of the time. That’s actually why I only did this as a short story. I didn’t want to put the time into writing a story where a gay guy is the one being dominated. Even in this story, I made sure the two hypnotized guys were happy in the end partially for this reason.

I was just really turned on by the idea of someone just walking into a relationship and taking over, which I couldn’t really do with a straight couple

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You could make the story work with straight guys by having them be brothers/friends living together, or a couple of friends who were getting together for drinks, or something along those lines.

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There’s actually a porn movie by Next Door Studios with a similar story called Trusting Sin in which a gay couple, Dalton and Jeremy, are having sex. Dante, a fallen angel, walks into their house in a black suit. He goes into their room and smirks as he watches them make love, unaware of his presence. He begins to whisper doubts into their ears, before joining in for a threeway, although they don’t appear to consciously be aware of his presence, even as he sucks their cocks and fucks their asses while they have sex with each other.


Anyone who finds this idea hot might like this video and this video where a smaller guy fucks an older muscular gay couple who worship his cock

Those videos got deleted, but I believe I found another link here and here.