Story idea I'd love someone to write

I’d love to see one of the Master Writers on here do a story. Maybe a parody of everyone’s experience with Siri and auto correct. Kind of in the spirit of “plus 3”. Someone invents an app that makes things come true but thanks to a too thick Scottish Brough or choppy Japanese spoken English, Siri auto corrects their fetish

Definitely a concept with potential – although, in my experience, it doesn’t require broken English for autocorrect to wreak havoc. Just ask all the people I’ve told to go duck themselves.

You don’t have to have Siri - just any auto-correct device seems to always alter words like “dick” into duck, “penis” into pens, and eliminate words like “fuck” altogether. Not sure how many people would get off on asexuality. :wink:

Given the nature of Language and accents changing the prefix, root or suffix of a word making a noun into an verb or adjective, it doesnt have to be asexual.
Ex: “I want to Fuk you Silly”, I heard a ding from my iphone and Siri saying "allright, You said you want to Fuck Sully”. There was a whirlwind of smoke and lights, and there I was, nob deep, doggin the heroic Aeroplane pilot, who himself was moaning like a whore.

Thames.sobol - you reminded me of a comic but interesting idea. Writing a sexual encounter where you don’t use any of the typical words (dick, cock, fuck) and instead use metaphors (e.g. “hammer” was an 18th-century British metaphor for dick; “knock” was a metaphor for fuck). So you could knock the hammer as tight as you want, but when all fails, you use a screw instead. In the hands of a creative writer, it could be something. :slight_smile: