Story Idea: Military Academy

Hi Everyone. Just to briefly introduce myself I’m Bucke. Been a long-time reader and just starting to get the nerve to start writing.

So I have a story idea that I’ve started working on that involves an all-boys private school transformed into a military academy (so inspired by Swizzingtons’ Slave Academy but military-themed, and there are some major differences with how the powers work, etc).

I would love to hear any fantasies/scenarios any of you may have (you can message me or reply here) that involve specific military/cadet transformation scenarios. My plan is that all the control will be mental, so there will be mind control but no power to direct the physical transformation. But besides that I’d love to hear any ideas you guys might have.

I have a rough plan for the plot structure, but that leaves plenty of room for other elements to spice up the storyline. I hope you guys like it when I start posting it.

Thanks everyone!

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Looking forward to reading your story, Bucke! I’ll just say that the most important thing in a story like this is characterization. We need to have a clear sense of who the characters are as distinctive individuals, so we can see the personality change when they later become assimilated into the military collective. If you can sketch out your characters, their personalities, their ambitions, their friendships, and their conflicts, you’ll end up with a much stronger story.

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