Story Idea: semi-aware homophobe

There’s a straight story from mcstories which is essentially a manual/guide for a Do-It-Yourself Harem, with a light, medium, and heavy setting to use on your victims. Here’s an excerpt from the light section (edited for us gays):

The subject will be submissive to you and call you “Master” and will do all slave functions. However, he will still be capable of living his own life, almost as if belonging to you is a hobby of his. He will have his own will outside of following your commands and except for being a slave will be able to lead a normal life. This is the ideal setting for most masters as the subject will be able to act around others as he would before becoming a slave, minimizing the chances that someone else will unintentionally learn about his new life.

I thought it would be interesting to have a story where the mind control works like this, where the protagonist talks to a homophobe who explains why he thinks homosexuality is wrong over the course of the story. However, the gay protag enslaves him at the very start. Even though the homophobe knows that he is the gay guy’s slave, he still goes on trying to explain to him that homosexuality is wrong, even as the guy gropes him, makes him strip, slaps his ass, fucks him, etc.

I thought that might be a goody story idea, and if anybody was looking for an idea, they could use this as a start-off point. I don’t have any plans to write it myself at the moment, but if you like it, go for it!

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That’s a very sexy story idea.

And personally I’m a huge super fan of “slave still has life outside of masters service” so that option would pretty much always be used. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, anything where servicing the protagonist is seen as just a normal part of life has always been hot to me. Like if instead of some random homophobe it was the guy’s roommate that’s his slave, and the roommate has his own life, his own friends, a job, etc., but he also calls his roommate master/sir, doesn’t where clothes when they’re alone, and wakes up his roommate with a blowjob. That’s really hot to me, when sexual services are treated as everyday chores, like licking your roommate’s spilled cum off the floor is considered a nuisance on the same level as having to do the dishes

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I dont really think there is any way to say how much I agree on this, because I seriously do. What you say is extremely hot.

The low key life goes on and so does career but when their at location x (a home, apartment, a gym, a dorm, etc) they are open and willing and happy to serve, present hole, suck cock and get fucked is awesome.

I like the idea of a man moving into an apartment slash condo with say six other men. He takes two rooms cause he works from home. Overtime the six other men slowly become what you say but as it goes on they don’t realize it at first and when they do it’s okay, nothing wrong, it’s just what boys do for their masters.

Maybe soon after the main guy arrives one of the six loose his job and the main guy say s “I’ll pay your bills as long as you assist me.”


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Oh and I was just thinking of a bunch of jocks go to someone (a friend, a tutor, a coach, whomever it is said person’s gay) and say they have noticed something odd and they want to get it checked.

They pull there pants down and their butt hole us clearly been used, it’s a bit puffy or maybe there is a buttplug. The thing is they don’t remember playing with their butt or gettimg fucked.

Our main guy helps them figure things out. As part of it they end up fucking and the jocks love it, becoming bottoms and submissive.

Maybe it was done by another player or coach or doctor who recently died or disappeared or was arrested and so awareness came back slightly. But not enough to be bothered by it just enough to find it all so very sexy.

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