Story idea

Hi guys! Long time reader, but first time posting. I am thinking about writing a hypnosis story. I’m thinking of this mid 20something (smooth, muscular) thinks every guy he meets is not worthy to date. Fed up, his gym bros take him to a hypnotist show where our dude eventually gets hypnotized into thinking every “old” guy look like the men of his dreams (muscular, thick cock, etc( while every young muscly dude looks like some old troll. I just don’t know how to start and end.

What are your thoughts?

Sounds interesting. For me, it’s best to have the outline of the story worked out before you start writing. Just having a set-up is not enough - something has to happen that makes the end convincing. Does he wake up and realize he hates older men? Does he learn to love older men? Does something else happen? Having the full story arc in your mind can make the details more exciting. Good luck!

I think its sounds like a hot idea for a story! For the beginning of the story, I’d say you start him off as he’s walking out on a date with a guy because the guy is too old or out of shape. We see his internal monologue as he wishes he could find someone worthy to date/fuck. Maybe he’s got a grindr account with one of those “masc for masc, no fats, no fems” profiles.

I think you should find another way for him to be hypnotized besides a hypnosis show, because in order for the hypnotist to hypnotize him in this specific way, he’d have to know all about the guy’s dating troubles, and there isn’t really a natural way for that conversation to occur during a show.

Also, the kind of thing you’re going for seems more magic/mind control than hypnosis, literally making this guy see a different thing from reality. Unless you make it so that the hypnotist makes him slowly become more attracted to old and out of shape men, and make him repulsed by muscles and youthfulness. But if you want to stick with your original idea of making him literally see old men as big-dicked muscle bros, then I say change it to like a genie or a wishing well or something.

Like, for example, he tells the genie that he wishes he could see more hot guys that he’s attracted to so the genie literally makes him see hot guys even when they’re actually ugly. Or something like that.

As for the ending, that’s up to you. Hell, the whole thing’s up to you! I gave some advice, but its your story, and the only advice you should 100% follow is this: Write. Even if its terrible, just write. Once you have something on the page, its so much easier to edit and fix what you thought was wrong, but you’ve got to start. Good luck!

Thank you!

Yeah, you’re right. Hypnosis would be a bit difficult. Magic would work much better, to be honest. I do like that he’ll see elderly men as muscle dudes and still seeing himself as a muscle dude. I could change it to overweight guys instead of elderly.

And I do like writing an outline. I need to do that.

Thank you for your continuing advice and suggestions.


Or how about the magic makes hot guys swap their with other bodies. You’ll see a muscly guy, but a weak, pale face. And the faces of these guys are HOT, but their bodies are nothing to write home to. So our jock can get the man of his dreams - a beautifully stunning man from the neck down,but has a butter face. Our jock has fallen in love with someone who’ll treat them right and forcing his head swapped hot friend into topping him. It’s a good start, I think.