Story recc' exchange

Hey there!

GSS has a huge backlog of stories, more than can feasibly be skimmed by one person, so with the creation of this community forum, I’m hoping that might be remedied! I’m looking for stories I might like, given the descriptions of a few of my favorites below. I’m also hoping that other people might use this topic to recommend/solicit recommendations for stories that they might like!

Some of my favorite MC stories that I’m looking for more stories in the vein of:

My favorites (click)

AgainstMyWill: Pharmacorp Pheromones: Boy Smell
Has a strong component of scent being the hypnotic/mind-programming factor. The fact that the one of the guys being controlled is an Asian guy that gets transformed into an aggressive and dominant role is a really refreshing (and hot) change from the norm.

ForFun6253: Party Boy
I read this a long time ago, but I still revisit it. I like how, again here, an Asian guy takes on a dominate role, rather than being submissive. Exceedingly simple in construction/premise, only two people end up hypnotized in this story, but it results in an entire party getting it on. Great diversity in the description/types of guys in on the action. Interestingly, the hypnosis only exaggerates the personalities of the subjects, rather than turning them into slaves or anything like that. This story segues into the next few…

Gayborhood: Skin to Skin, Contagious Musk
These series both have a common device of lust being a weaponized viral force of some kind that coerces men into orgies of wild fucking. Watching the men succumb and topple like dominoes is the best part of these stories, to me.

Andy Masters: Psi Games
Again, an example of a “lust bomb”-type of MC story, this time telepathic. The story in my opinion peaks in Chapter 4/5, where an entire town comes under the influence of spontaneous orgy-inducing water.

Kyle Leach: Student Control
The penultimate chapter, Chapter 18, is ultra memorable. One of the first MC scenes I ever read and I still return to it. Climaxes with an entire stadium of men finding themselves subjugated to the will of a horny professor. I don’t think I’ve found a MC story that tops that scene.

Touchstone: The Wallet, Pete’s Gym, Checking In
Touchstone is a master at writing subtly-domineering daddy types. Their subjects always end up helplessly submissive to the point where they don’t even want to be saved, and it’s just crazy hot how clueless the characters are.

Wrestlr: The entire Doc series/almost anything he writes
I have a thing for stories featuring daddy/professor types and orgy scenes. The Doc series combines those two perfectly. Wrestlr is by far one of the best M/M MC authors, and you should check out his list of works if you haven’t had the chance.

Happy sharing!


I also love Touchstone’s story “The Wallet.” May I suggest a series called “Sinister Intentions.” In the course nine substantial chapters, a leatherman kidnaps a young, straight teacher and turns him into a slave. I’ve read chapter 8 so many times - for me it’s much more effective than any visual porn.

There is another very nice series in which a roommate becomes a slave - “Becoming His Pet” - the author is erik east.