Story Theme - Global erotic hypnosis

So on EMCSA I found a story called Globalization — Hypnosis: Lucy’s Story by Warren_Hypno.

In it humanity developed so that erotic hypnosis is a shared global fetish. Which means it’s all over the place.

The core idea is hot to me and it would be interesting to think on how gay men would act in said world. Maybe society says if your a man and get hypnotized then it’s acceptable to submit as the other man proved his dominance. Hehe

Just wanted to share the story as I think some here mind also find it hot!!

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I imagine that once gay people became more accepted in society, it would be a total free-for-all for gay men! It seems that for the most part, men hypnotize women in this world, so the guys would have no learned defences against hypnosis. A gay guy could probably enslave an entire football team with a pocketwatch if he wanted, since straight guys were never taught how to resist…

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Though in some ways wouldn’t it be that way throughout history. Maybe secretly but men interested in men have always existed. All it would take is saying things by a fire or as the ocean moves or the way wind blows and you put your friend or subordinate or team or whatnot into a trance. Hehe

As straight men hypnotize women gay men do the same to straights. :slight_smile:

It would be an interesting backdrop of events.

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Imagine a young 18yo gay guy who’s still in the closet secretly hypnotizing his high school bully to be his lover/slave (which is basically this world’s version of dating while being in the closet). Before long he’s approached by a secret society of gay men that is centuries old. Over hundreds of years, they’ve lived in the darkness, slowly building power. They’ve enslaved countless straight men; most are simply used as the gay society’s servants, cum dumpsters, and bodyguards, but some have other uses too.

They used prominent straight men to advance their agendas. They use TV writers, advertisers, and movie stars under their control to subtly change the culture, slowly making it acceptable to be gay. They also do things like having male sex symbols like James Dean, Elvis Presley, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, etc, to shave their bodies, build up muscle, and go down on their girlfriends. This shifted the culture, so guys would be trained by society to shave their bodies and be muscular if they wanted to fit in.

Back to present day, the society accepts another member into their ranks. They train the 18-year-old in different forms of hypnosis and mind control, and encourage him to slowly grow his harem. When two gay guys fall in love, one of them has to try to hypnotize the other to see who will be the Master and who will be the slave in the relationship. Whichever man wins not only gets his lover as his hypnotized cum guzzler, he also inherits all of his boyfriend’s straight slaves as well. Something like that?

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