Story theme: slave worship

Hello guys, I hope you can help me with this.
I’m looking for stories were the subject of hypnosis/brainwash/transformation, so basically the manipulated one is drawn into a “worship compulsion”.
The story can focus on the fight of this new instinct, or the subject can simply fall into this pretty quickly, but it should not just be following orders, but some amount of text must focus on the devotion aspect.
Bonus points if the story is not written as if the subject is a victim (I don’t know if it’s clear what I’m asking, I might give examples if you need them)
Can somebody think about a story like this?
Many thanks!

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It’s not gay or sexual, but have you read Fred Saberhagen’s Swords series?

It’s generally about 12 swords with various powers. 1 of the swords, the Mind Sword, makes everyone within a hundred meters of the holder worship them and desire to serve them instantly and for a few days if not re-exposed.

The struggle in the stories is about how to avoid being subjected to the power, or to hold the sword, because once subjected to the swords power, the victims are happy in their new state.

Weirdly, I return to these stories over and over again, probably because I discovered them in my formative years. I would love to find new stories that are similar. Writing stories like these is difficult because the device makes winning so easy. Adding in struggles, to make the story compelling and interesting, are difficult. - the first book that shows an evil sadistic tyrant getting the Mind Sword. - a whole book following a bumbling prince who gets the sword but doesn’t want to use it. It’s not comical but he’s an idiot throughout. Also features the tyrant from the first book but he’s trying to get the sword. - the last book of swords, where the tyrant from the first book above returns with the sword in hand again.

An Armory of Swords is also around in hard cover. It’s a collection of short stories, including one called Fealty about an older boy named Keaf a lowly gravedigger who gets the sword and uses it to enslave a small town. Available digitally, possibly illegally (?) here:


I love the series! I read it on the ship and was blown away by it.

I also obviously love MasterPC stories. If you are up for straight sex and won’t be bothered by problematic elements (re: portrayal of someone who is trans), this link has some hot stuff:

With the theme, I find MistressPC very hot. Be forewarned it’s very rapey and again, portrays someone who is trans but doesn’t likely realize it and isn’t portrayed particularly subtly. I also find a Master’s Beginning hot. Oh, possibly Opening the Box would be up your alley too, in terms of worship/coercion.

@Frag did any of my suggestions point you towards something along the lines you were looking for?

More importantly for me: did you find anything else that fits and can you report it here so that I can read it? :slight_smile: