Submitting your Story to GaySpiralStories

First, make sure your story fits all of the following requirements:

Rules for Stories suitable for Gay Spiral Stories

  • The story should include some kind of mind control of men.
  • No sex or any kind of manipulation with children or young teenagers. Any teenager must at least be in the late stages of puberty!
  • No real-life persons, neither living or deceased!
  • No hard violence, blood and gore! No mutilations, no dismemberment!
  • The story must be yours! Do not repost someone else’s story here. Email the original author and ask them to post it instead.
  • The story must be at least 1000 words long.

If your story fits all these things, you can add it with the “New Story” menu item.

The fields on the mask are self-explanatory. Infos are displayed when hovering or touching the small info icon.

You can format your story using things like bold text, italics and other stuff. Even add images.
See this article for details.

Once you’ve filled in everything, click “Save and Preview” at the bottom.

You’ll get to see the story as it will be displayed on the site if it has been published. For now, it’s still private to you. And you also get to see the “Author’s & Reviewer’s Panel”:

Only when you click “Publish”, your story will be submitted to be published on the site. Before that happens, an admin will read it and approve it. That usually doesn’t take more than 12 hours.

But before you publish your story, please read it thoroughly, correct any spelling and grammar mistakes you’ll find.

Use paragraphs! To separate paragraphs, enter an empty line between them.

We will deny stories which are not formatted properly (“wall of texts”) and have too many spelling or grammar errors. We’re not grammar nazis, but the reader should be able to enjoy and understand your story.

The best option is to ask another person to proofread your story, before you publish it. To do that, you can share the two links in the panel:

The “View story” and the “Edit story” link.

You can share these links with anyone you trust with your story, but do not share them publicly! We will delete your story, if you do that!

Anyone clicking the “View Story” link can read your story, but can’t make any changes to it. With the “Edit Story”, it can be edited. A proofreader should get both links! You also get those links sent to you by email, you can just forward this email to your proofreaders.

If you or your proofreaders edit your story, you’ll get new revisions. See the chapter about revisions for more info about them.

I submitted my story over 12 hours ago and it has yet to be published. When i look at my stories it says UNAPROVED but when i click on it it says it’s waiting for approval.


since you tagged your story with ‘vore’ I want take the time to read it completely (otherwise I usually just scan stories, especially if the author has already published something). But for that I need time and so far I am still at work (German time!) and I couldn’t find the time.

So please be patient a little bit longer.

I understand perfectly that you’re eager to see you work published, and I’ll read it first thing when I’m back home.


This is sort of a ‘wide open rule’. I mean, hypnosis is fairly obvious and so is a man getting drugged such that he ‘must obey’; but what about where a man is abducted and the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ cuts in? How about when he gets chained up, put in a box and broken (visit MetalBondNYC) such that he accepts being a slave of some sort?

I have a story where a man is in an accident and because of the situation winds up ‘at the mercy’ of a mad doctor where he has to obey because if he doesn’t he goes to jail. Would that be considered ‘mind control’?

It’s a grey area, granted.

You’re not the first one asking about kidnapping and the Stockholm Syndrome. Honestly, for me that’s not mind control, it just may be true romance or some psychology play, which is fine in itself, but nothing that turns me on personally, at least not in the way true mind control stories do.

But otoh, if people are enjoying these stories, I’m not gonna judge. So in general I’m rather lenient on that rule.

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