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We can subscribe to authors, we can subscribe to series - how about subscribing to specific tags? I figure this would be something we could set on our profile pages, using a system like the blocked tags menu in search.

Up to you on whether this is a subscriber sort of thing or a “oh that’s gonna work great to draw people to the new sties” feature but I think it’s definitely something that could help cultivate community at those sites and keep people in once they’re here.


That’s actually a very good idea. I’ll consider implementing that after I’ve finished the new sites. All new features are currently on hold, in case anybody has been wondering until I’ve managed to pull that off.


Further big brain moment:

Subscription at least right now means “we send you an email when X happens” - what if it also/separately meant “we mark this as something you’ll want to read” and puts it in a queue for you - basically a personal search menu or whatever where the results are “things I subscribed to but haven’t interacted with yet.”

If there’s a reason we’re shy about sending emails to the larger userbase, remodeling subscription to be something that also happens solely on the site could be cool too. I think a lot of people are drawn to GSS because of how flexible and user-friendly the site is so it’d be nice to find ways to advance that.

There’s already the “Subscribed only” filter, you know about that?

And I could automatically Bookmark subscribed stories, which would basically have the same effect as what you’re requesting. I’m a bit sceptcal about adding yet another list of stories to the system…

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I would also love it if i could have certain tags be highlighted when scrolling through the main page - perhaps this could happen for subscribed tags. Similar to how some tags are highlighted in red, but kind of the opposite reason. Instead of a warning, a highlight to make sure I don’t accidentally skip something with a tag I really like.

Having a handful of tags that get highlighted for me would be nice when I’m scrolling what’s new. It’s a different use case than searching for a particular tag, because I will still often read stories that do not have any of my go-to tags, but I don’t want to accidentally miss a story that does have a go-to tag of mine. With a highlighted tag, I could scroll through all of the new stuff, and be more confident I didn’t accidentally pass up something with a tag I really like.


That does make sense!

I don’t know how I missed this brilliant suggestion but I definitely endorse it, @Martin

Don’t forget to like the suggestion. I actually count the number of “likes” to see how well endorsed a suggestion is

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