Such a niche story plot point but…

I was wondering if there are any story recommendations for where the big dicked jock gets tricked/brainwashed/trained into thinking their dick is inferior and bad and useless, and their masters smaller cock is actually much much better and more suiting for a real man etc.

I’m personally well endowed myself and I like fantasising being hypnotised like these jocks would be… thanks guys :slight_smile:

I feel like this is something Wesley Bracken might have done but I can’t remember which story or where, if I’m remembering correctly at all.

Hopefully someone else links to something. I’m sure I’ve read a couple of stories like this over the years.

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There was a story many years ago where a guy was hypnotised to mentally project his own dick size onto the person in front of him, but I can’t remember any of the story details.


screamingmoist has a fair amount of stories where jocks get their cocks shrunk. the perspective is pretty close, so it’s easy to imagine that their perception of their shrunken dicks might not reflect reality, but sorry if that’s a bit too much of a stretch.


I feel like I’ve read something here that fits the description perfectly, but can’t remember it. Now you’ve got me doing searches including cock shrinking. There goes my day, lol.


Hahah im honoured everyone is going to such work to try and find some for me! Maybe we should write some more and add a new tag “cock confusion”

You should definitely give it a shot! When someone writes something hot on here everyone else tends to do their own remix within a few months

This got in my head and I had to try writing it. Hope it scratches the itch for you.


This isn’t QUITE your scenario, but I think it’s a good cousin. :grin:

['5: It’s Not the Size, It’s How You Use It' by Kip - Gay Spiral Stories]

Just a vignette in a longer series but this piece by Oddballs really plays around with the concept: 'Ghost Hunk VII' by Oddballs - Gay Spiral Stories