Suggestion: Color text in stories

Would it be possible to add the ability to add color to text on the stories so let say authors can color code each character dialog that way even if it is not written in the best way at least it would be easier to follow the narrative.

Thanks for all the hard work you do.

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Somewhere in the back of my brain, I have the idea to add markdown support.

This doesn’t directly support color, but there are many other things which would improve formatting and readability of the stories without breaking existing content.

I’m not so sure that color is a good way of separating actors, anyway. There’s a reason this is not done in books and other texts.

For the past two years at my workplace we have been increasingly conscious of being more accessible to those with disabilities. Adding color excludes those who are colorblind (or entirely blind).

Markdown would be cool… I’d like to use italic sometimes

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Yeah, the ability to italicize words would make me sooooooo happy.

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Just use HTML if you want to italicize things. Example (remove the spaces to get it to work): < i >Italicized< / i >.

I do this all the time in my stories. You can also use HTML to add colour, though there are the issues mentioned above. Also, the more complex you get with HTML formatting, the less likely it’ll be to get properly converted if we ever switch to markdown only or filtered HTML.

Yes, that’s working right now, but it’s not the way I like it to work. HTML should not work in these texts, for various reasons.

As you’ve said yourself, it will be problematic, when I’m switching to Markdown, for that reason I’ll probably introduce a flag that mark the stories which are using Markdown. However, I’m probably also adding an HTML filter for older stories, because I’m not too comfortable that you can use HTML in there. That can cause all kinds of security issues.

I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to switch over the older stories from HTML to Markdown. Most of it’ll just be italics and bold anyway, which a simple replace would convert, I would think. The few remaining cases might well be manageable manually, or you can just flag them, notify the authors that they’re losing their HTML support for whatever remains, then let the authors themselves do the remainder of the conversion (or whatever they want to do).