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With help received from Martin, and on my side, the passage of time, my stuff is gonna be slowly reappearing on the site. (not newly republished, just re-unlocked, with their original publishing dates and comments.)

I’ve begun with the stores I’ve received the most amount of emails and stuff about being gone (weirdly-but-delightfully, my Inan-TF stuff! :person_shrugging: :+1:), but over time, I will be restoring most of my work.

Here’s a link to my story list,

There’re maybe only three or four up for now, but that’s because I was about due a massive proofreading and editing session anyways. I’ll be re-unlocking as I go, giving each story a quick “current me’s punctuation and grammar abilities” frisk as I go.

I’d like to thank everyone generically for just… existing in this oddly perfect-for-what-it-is erotic fiction community.


P.S. Not to rip him off, (but if he wants to track me down and “make me pay”, I’d be OK with that), but I might just let this thread serve as a kind of “All tDS’s stuff,” Because I think Absman is on to something with his blabs-man thread.


I started one of my own a while back and it worked great! With the downturn in my health, I stopped maintaining it, but now that I’m doing better, I’m thinking I’ll resurrect mine at some point. One way or the other, you won’t be alone, though I don’t think anyone on the site will ever rival his gigantic thread!

I don’t know how to respond to that (drunk)

Hopefully we can live up to his impressive name

My mega-long five-parter; Monster Act, is back up :+1:

Silly-Billy, but also emotionally hefty “new love” story about a human, dressed for Halloween in a monster outfit, bumping into a real monster hired to scare trick-or-treaters.

The monster mistakes the man-in-costume for a fellow monster and the two quickly bond., but OH oh; the monster to his “new monster bro,” start exhibiting deep seated anxiety, nervousness and fear of humans.

How does the man-in-a-costume come clean about what he really is? Can he? Should he? Will he? When he?

Monster Act; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry., you’ll fail to masturbate because there’s only two short sex scene and it really is more a love story than a sex story.

One of the most unique and emotional stories on the site…

Thank you, Martin.
Yes, it’s received some nice comments. :grin:

Centaur Merger now back up, (one of my popular ones) plus 2024-ified proofreading and spell checking.

Also this; (very not popular, in fact hasn’t passed the ratings threshold yet)

Themes: Pirates / Death / Ghosts / Possession

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‘Getting from A to B’ back up, and 2024 edited.

GKS’s one and only WereCar story…(as far as I’m aware )

Mating with Pops. (part I & II)

Warning, yeah it’s the one that has the lab-made furries and the euthanasia and the lying, grooming, sex trafficking, slavery metaphors and such.

Glad to see your stuff come back, some of these are quite dear to many of us.


Thanks Amul.

After I put them up I got a DM or two looking for other stories of mine.

Doing wonders for my outsider complex (which I recently learned is a thing).

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