The Story Challenge "help desk" thread

Hey all! I wanted to make a dedicated thread where people could share any questions they might have about the ongoing story challenges.

Pretty much, if you’re unsure how the challenges work, or have questions on any of the challenge rules or themes, or if there’s something about the process you could use clarity on… ask your question here! And I’ll do my best to answer it. :blush:


Can we point people to our challenge story on our social media pages? Thanks!

Well, you’d reveal that you’re the author, which is supposed to remain a secret.

But it’s your social media outlet, it’s not up to us to tell you what you can write there.

If you want to remain fair, you could write something like ‘I’ve published a story to this contest (link to contest), maybe you can figure out which is mine?’


Gotcha - I like the “guess which is mine” idea. I’ll do that. Keep things fair and fun.
I’d been thinking more of sharing a new story with my readers, not about the voting implications. I think your idea is fun middle road, thanks


Thanks Martin! Yes, I like that idea — I agree with all of Martin’s points. :blush: Thank you for asking, Colin!

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I would suggest extending the rating period, i.e. the time after the deadline until the ratings are calculated. I’m not sure if the usual 2 weeks I used are really sufficient for late entries to catch up.


This sounds good to me! We can try extending the rating period to 3 weeks for this round instead of 2. I know there’s been a particularly big flood of stories over the past couple of weeks, and a lot of new stories can get lost in the shuffle. So I don’t see the harm in trying it out.


Hi there! I wanted to ask, is it possible to post sequel chapters to a story posted in the contest? I’m no where near done with the second chapter, but I would love to post it when it’s done! At least people seemed to like it!

Absolutely! At the moment, no additional chapters can be added to contest stories because we’re in the middle of the three-week voting period. But after the voting period is over and the contest results are announced, additional chapters will be able to be submitted to your story in the usual way. :blush:


Thank you! I figured I had to wait. (Not that I have anything to post at the moment haha)

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Hi I submitted my story “Falling further with every piece” last night but today I noticed it hadn’t been entered in the Halloween 2023 contest. I think there was an issue from editing the story. Is there any way my story can still be submitted? Thanks!

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I’ve added it.
I think you might have been able to add it yourself via the edit link, but it’s done now.


Thank you for adding it, MW!

I’m not sure if Riko would have been able to add the story without mod help, to be honest — but we can definitely fix it and add a story to the contest for you if it didn’t get added as intended when it was submitted. So Riko, I’m glad you reached out so that we could fix it! :blush:

Yep I did not see an option in the edit to submit it for the challenge myself. Glad it’s fixed though thank you!

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