The works of Mindbender

Does any have the works of Mind bender. Like “Leathernecks” and “To Protect and serve”. I have been look for them since omelissokomos site went down. (Please someone have it)


There is one called “To Protect and Serve” On mcstories, but it’s by a different author, maybe it’s the right one?

Can’t find anything about “Leathernecks”

Here’s that one


Here’s a link to his stories on O’mellissokomos’ old site – which still exists out there in the ether…

They exist but can’t be accessed on iPhones for some reason

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You can access it on a diff server app on your iphone. Try firefox

Yea opera was working for a while then it stopped… I’ll try FireFox though

When O stopped updating it, it stopped being available on my cell(android), but I can still access his site on my laptop. I use Chrome on both.

I now know it doesn’t work on ones phone anymore - have to use computer

Try setting your device’s browser to “Desktop site”.

Doesn’t work

Have you tried to use the Way Back machine on the Internet Archive? They sometimes are able to access older (i.e. no longer available) websites.

His site works just not on mobile phone

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I just tried the site on Chrome from my cell phone. At first there’s the porn ads. I pressed “Desktop mode” from the drop-down menu, and Omelissokomos’s site was there after it refreshed. I don’t know why it’s not working for you guys, but I am definitely accessing it on my cell phone.