The writing in Safe Mode should be more clear

I have a few people who read my stories without being registered to GSS, and it’s not the first time where I’ve been asked for the ‘complete’ version due to the following message that appears even when you access a story directly by its link:

I know this refers to the number of stories with certain tags that are hidden, but the message induces non-frequent users in error, making them believe that the stories themselves are censored for those who do not have an account.

Any idea on how to make it clearer?

I would suggest showing this warning only on the main page, but if it must be kept:

Safe Mode: X% of the stories on the main page inacessible!
Login or Register to disable it!

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Part of the problem is the percentage. It can be read as saying that part of the story is hidden, rather than that some (other) stories are hidden. Leaving out the percentage and just saying “Some stories are hidden” would work better. You could have “xxx of yyyy stories are hidden”.

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The percentage was meant to be an incentive to create an account to get the option to be able to turn off the safe mode.

xxx of yyy stories would be nice, but it’s also a very long text.

The message is part of the site’s frame so it will shown on all pages. If you close it, it won’t bother you any longer.

I might use “xxx stories are hidden”.

There’s another message showing up when tag or category filters are active:

Just want to make you aware of this, because both these messages should be treated similarly.

I’ve just changed the text to make it clearer.


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