Tossing this idea out there

Pondering along lines of possessed football gear. Suppose a nerdy kid swipes a piece of gear (maybe a jock strap) & it starts to take over his mind to acquire more gear until he has a complete uniform? Gear takes over his nerd mind to remake him into a jock mind & he remains trapped in uniform permanently & as a dumb jock, knowing only football. Opinions?

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Sounds fun! Though usually in these parts we enjoy getting jocks out of their uniforms, I can understand the appeal here :smiley:

I agree with you. My idea was based off that supernatural topic, hence possessed gear.

Sounds like a great idea to me! You could really do a slow burn with the mental changes as he slowly gets each piece. Are you thinking like each piece is controlled by the same possessed entity or is it like a piece of gear from a team of jock spirits slowly turning him into a dumb jock?

Hi Eclipse!
I saw it as s single entity at first. Your idea of each piece being individually controlled sounds great as well. Different personalities could emerge at different times, making wearer appear skitzophrenic.

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There’s definitely a lot of fun ways you could take the story

If somebody wanted to do a commission along those lines with me as “victim”, I would consider paying for it.

That story exists. I think on MC Stories, at lease 3-4 years ago. Coaches assistant tries on athletes’ gear; hears a beep and keeps going. I can’t remember the title or author.

Did you read what you posted? That is a most unhelpful response.

It actually is helpful, because I know exactly the story he’s describing, back from the early days of MC Stories (1997) when there were fewer stories to keep track of: