Trans characters?

Okay so I’m a trans guy, and I’m wondering basically if there’d be any interest here for trans characters (trans guys ofc) in stories. It wouldn’t really be like a focal point of the story’s theme, it’s just. Who the character is. So likely, it wouldn’t be focused on fetishizing the fact that the character is trans–they just would be.

Basically, would you be deterred from reading a story (assuming you enjoyed the kinks involved otherwise) if one of the characters was a trans guy? I won’t say whether they’ve been through any medical transition because if I do start writing stories, my characters will likely be at different stages there, and some might not have medically transitioned at all.


This for me is how we improve acceptance of all diversity - i guess the issue especially with trans is how to include it in the story so it feels natural, but as I’m definitely not a trans expert i wouldn’t want to try that because i know I’ll get it wrong! My belief on this site is if you find it hot (as long as it isn’t illegal) then write about it. And if other people don’t want to read it, well that’s fine but maybe they’re missing out on something special.

TL;DR - yeah go for it


Thanks! :heart:
I mean, yeah, for me it’s less about the trans character being hotter, so much as just, they exist and I like writing stories about guys like me in some aspects–at least to sort of help cement the idea that yes, there are gay trans people out there and I think it’d be interesting to write about! And yeah I mean I’m pretty sure I can write it so it feels natural, since it’s not going to be like. constantly going on and on about him being trans since for me at least, that’s not…how my brain works? I’m not always focusing on my transness and I think it’s more of a side thing in the story if anything.


Weirdly I think I’d be more into a trans girl in a story than a trans guy. But I’m definitely more liberal with women being stories than others, but the lack of a dick (or rather presence of a vagina) would kinda be a turn off. I’m neutral on boobs.

It’s all personal lines. Like if we break orientation down to sexuality and romance I consider myself homosexual but bi-romantic hence why my above rules apply for me.

I mean, I’m not writing about a trans girl on a gay male stories site, of course. I’ve written stories with trans women before–though I don’t have the same experience to be quite so comfortable publishing them publicly.

i’m all for it. I like gender and sexuality play in my transformation and this feels like a safer queer-focused space for it! I think all flavors are good as long as they’re transformed, mind controlled, horny or somewhere in between. Variety is the spice of…online porn?

Now I can’t stop imagining a nice Trans Man just getting a whiff of some musk…maybe filling out a bit…getting hairier…more dominant. hooo boy!

Hah, can’t promise that’d be happening in my stories since I’m more on the submissive side–but I can’t deny that’d be hot as hell. Granted, I also love the idea personally of a dominant trans guy who’s still on the smaller side. Or a bigger, submissive trans guy. Hell it could go in so many directions…

Personally i dislike this transformation the most, and it doesn’t help that their is so much of it, but you should totally write those stories. I’m sure there are people out there who will love it.

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hmm, what do you mean by ‘this transformation’? do you mean something someone suggested or simply trans characters?
Because let me be clear I don’t mean a character who’s magically changed into a nother gender for some reason. I mean a character who is actually trans, like, as in, how real life people are trans, and remain as such throughout the story. I have pretty much zero interest in stories where a character is somehow forcibly changed to another gender and/or biolgical sex.

Ahh i was thinking the magical way.

oh yeah no. I have no interest in that. I really just mean, take any ol’ story on here but, the main characters are just trans people. Except not, because. I’d actually be writing my own stories, but I just mean–they just…happen to be trans people. Not a transformation thing at all. Maybe transformation would be involved, but not really on the focus of them being trans.

Like, a trans guy might get bigger like @Melvillain posed, but the trans guy would have already been a trans guy, y’know? Personally I don’t love forcibly changing a character’s gender.

You just sparked an idea in my mind…about a trans woman…who finds she’s “reverting” back to being a man and helpless to do anything about it.

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Ah, have fun with it. I feel odd writing that sort of story since it’d trigger a lot of gender dysphoria for me personally. I don’t know if I’d consider it gay, either? since a trans woman’s a woman physicality regardless, but I suppose that’s not universally agreed on, unfortunately.

I don’t mind gender change stories. I think they could offer a great opportunity for interesting conflicts.

I’m not talking about the usual transgender story, because these people feel like the gender they want their body to change to, anyway. That’s a whole different interesting story, but not so much for this site. I’m talking about an involuntary change where the person has to adapt and live through the changes that involves that.

And of course, the only way that sounds interesting and fitting to this site would be a change female -> gay male.