Tricks to escape an MC Fantasy World

This is a safe space to share all the absurd knowledge pills you got from the Mind Control stories you’ve read in your life! Maybe with those we’ll become true survivors of any nefarious MC plot. (that is if you actually want to escape that fate :wink: )

Let me start with the obvious:

  • Never trust a Psychology Major. Especially if he’s in Hypnosis 101, or proficient at it. If he says he can use hypnosis to help you study/train/be better, run away as fast as you can!!

Ok! Feel free to share other things you’ve learned during your time with MC erotica so we can all be prepared in case we ever wake up in an MC Fantasy World :blush:


Never use a random APP that someone swears is good.

  • Before insulting or threatening anyone, research their family tree. If they come from a lineage of witches or gypsys or anything similar, be nice.

  • When attempting to cast a magic spell yourself, confirm with a language expert EXACTLY the outcome of the spell. Don’t rely on your 2 years of Latin to give you an accurate translation.

  1. Just keep out of the locker room. It’s safer.

  2. Further to (1), be wary of any offers of complimentary gym memberships or personal training, especially if everyone in the gym has the same body type.

  • If a Doc shows up and says he can improve the performance of your sports team, quickly turn him down or strongly advise your coach against it.

  • If a geeky nerd moves into a male dorm full of hot guys, avoid interacting with him.

  • Avoid signing up to a gym where only guys frequent and they tend to work out at all hours of the day with a dreary look or dumb smile plastered on their faces.

  • If you come home and find all the men in your family naked and hard and ask you to join them, don’t stand around and ask “what’s going on?” or “what are you talking about, dad?”. Just turn around, shut the door and run.


Instructions unclear. Now happily working out with my sports team after downloading this new app our new coach, Dr W. Arlock, (who is also a psychologist), told us to. But the app did come with a free gym membership.


Another classic one: Just… don’t ever volunteer to be a subject at a live hypnosis show. And don’t let your friends pressure you to go on stage either! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Depends. Why not. I mean, it could be fun, right? There are worse fates than ending up as a mindless sex-slave, don’t you agree? :wink:

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Certainly! Nothing stopping you from reading this thread as Tricks to escape into an MC Fantasy World. :smirk:


Don’t open the box that just appeared on your doorstep!

No matter how nice the material feels, don’t put the outfit on!

You don’t want a gift plant from that guy with the big balls and the yellow eyes.


If your scientific friend/coworker/son/father/whatever approaches you with a virtual reality program they created for (insert beneficial reason here), put that headset on at your own risk!


Try to avoid driving alone on a moonless night near Roswell, New Mexico, or near an abandoned military base.

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Learn your no-win scenarios.

Did your friend find a mysterious beat-up old board game at a strange second hand store?

Were you playing poker, and ran out of money, but the dealer kindly offered to let you bet with… something else?

Have you been accepted to a strange tournament you can’t remember applying to play in?

Identify when the winning move is not to play.


Never open the door to your neighbour, especially if:

  • He gives you the creeps because of the way he looks at you.
  • He is a scientist/psychiatrist/psychologist/engineer.
  • He is a figurative pig.
  • You and/or your sons are 100 times hotter than he’d ever dream to be.

Lord knows nothing good will come from that visit :grin:


If you’re in his attic and you stumble upon a painting that looks like his great-great-grandfather, withered and diseased – get the hell out!


Now, see, this is the one piece of advice that I won’t take. :yum: :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Have at it, Coach!

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If you win an all-expenses paid vacation to a beautiful but distant locale, but you don’t remember actually signing up for the contest, DON’T GO!

You might consider anonymously gifting it to your high school bully.

The same goes for too-good-to-be-true cheap prices on a vacation package from some shady website.


Like, seriously, if the bottle just says “JOCK PILLS” – don’t take them.


If you find yourself already partially under the spell/hypnosis/transformation and the person causing this seems uncertain or fallible. Don’t try to reverse it, instead lean into it to let your enemy’s guard down and then reverse the script.

Let actual recovery happen after you are in a safe place. Who knows, you might not even want the recovery?