User Profiles

A User Profile is a special page where both authors and users can optionally share information about themselves.

Note: One primary goal is the protection of the privacy of any user of GaySpiralStories. That includes the Profile Page, which will never reveal any personal information unless the user explicitly chooses to!

You need to have an account an must be logged on to be able to customize your Profile Page. It can be found in the Menu User -> Your Profile.

You can customize the Profile Page:

  • Add an avatar. That avatar is a depiction of your virtual identity. It will also appear on your stories and comments. To change your avatar, click the blue “edit pen” on the right side of the round avatar placeholder. Details about allowed images

  • Add a profile picture. The profile picture can be much bigger than the avatar and is only used to illustrate or personalize your Profile Page. Details about allowed images

  • Add a profile text. The text can be anything that you want to tell other users about you. It can be completely fictional as well. If you are an author, you can tell about the kind of stories you write and even offer to write commissioned texts.

  • Add links to external sites. You can offer ways for other users to contact you or to find more of your work on the net. Click “Add External Link” and select which social service you want to connect to. You can just paste the link to your personal page into the textbox.

Note: If you have an account in the forum (which can be created just by clicking on the “Forum” link in the menu), a special link to the personal page on the forum will be added automatically. With that link, user can write you personal direct messages using the forum software.

Statistics and privacy

Further down on the profile page, there is an area where users can share statistical information about the stories they’ve read, which they have marked as “favorite stories” and about how they’ve rated.

If you don’t want to share parts of that information, you can disable each of the boxes individually. Then only the user himself will be able to see them, they will be hidden to other users.

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