Welcome to the GaySpiralStories Community!

This community is a place for authors and their readers to talk about the stories on GaySpiralStories, about new ideas and requests. It is also meant to discuss and request new features and general site policies.

Please let’s keep everything civil and polite!

Some important notes:

  • The accounts are taken over from the main site. Just logon on on the main site and then click on the “Log In”-Button here in the forum. After you’re email address is validated, your account can be used in the forum as well. Discourse requires email addresses to be validated, there is no way around that!… If you don’t want that, log out of GSS first, then you can use the forum completely anonymously.
  • Privacy is my utmost priority. Because of that, your email address is not shown in the forum.

Even when logged in, you can always switch to anonymous mode by opening the menu in the top right corner and then clicking the button highlighted here:


Anonymous postings have to be approved,. so it make a while for them to be visible for everyone.


Way to go Martin! Awesome that the site has a community forum now. And even better that you integrated the existing user accounts with it. Nice work!