What's people's opinions on ai generated art for tf stories?

I personally hate it. It’s such a buzz kill to see a semi clean, airbrushed ai model instead of a sexy pic of a guy. I really hate this trend of using ai for pics. It’s made Tumblr pages that I used to visit a lot, not very enticing anymore. Ai images just suck.

I think it removes a lot of questions of consent, i know quite a few captions on twitter and stuff have been removed because the person in the photo complained. So in the way, AI has a place in it.

I’m very interested in hearing other people’s opinions.

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I think it works best to depict scenes or characters that couldn’t exist as a real photo.

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But none of those exist apart from furry stuff. All the ai stuff I see is just generic poses with uncanny valley men’s faces and bodies.

In general, I dislike when people illustrate their stories with random pictures they find on the internet. AI art has a similar vibe to me.

I tried using AI generated art for one of my Patreon stories a while ago. I agree — the uncanny valley is strong with a lot of the images you see, so I had the AI use an oil painting style so it’s feel more like an illustration.

I thought that was a decent balance.


I work in the 3d industry for a living and so I know the devastation AI art does for our craft and how clients and potential employers are blatant with their intent of using AI technology to eventually replace real artists. So I, for one, would want to put a stop to the momentum that AI art has before it can do serious damage to people’s livelihoods in the future

To me it depends. I’ve already written in another thread that I feel that the medium of writing is not enhanced with illustrations unless those illustrations provide information that is not in the writing. (Sort of how music can supply an opera or a song with information that is not in the text.)

I was not impressed with AI until I read @rubbrsome 's story The Male Order which was inspired by an artist he found on Instagram, Bvstard.ai. I checked out the artist’s work, was hooked by how his lovably weird imagination hits so many of my buttons and now regularly follow him and even converse with him occasionally. To underscore @Beaner 's comment, Bvstard.ai produces images that could not possibly exist as photographs. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons rubbrsome’s story works so well (in addition to him being a virtuosic author).

I also want to mention a graphic story based on one of my favorite stories, Pollination by @absman420. Even Absman420 complimented how the graphic version embellished his original story.

As with the music comment above, I could easily imagine an illustrated story where the text does not mention something (e.g. gradual transformation) that is obvious from the illustrations. So yes, it depends on the skill of the author and illustrator.


There have been two comic book versions. One hand-drawn, the other CGI – I love them both.

As someone who’s written a LOT of theatre, adapting from one genre to another always brings change. A book is not a movie – they both tell stories in different ways, even the same story!


On the aspect of AI art vs human creators, that’s a different conversation, especially if making money with it. When the story is offered for free, we almost never own the rights to the pictures included, be them non-AI or AI, so its all stolen anyway.

On the aspect of if they add to the story, I’ve learned that everyone has different ways of being turned on or not, and it’s not possible to please everyone. Personally, I don’t mind the uncanny valley, I’m a comic book reader who responds even to cartoon nudes, so it doesn’t bother me. My stories are inspired by pictures even though I try for them not to need them to paint the scenes. So some people love when I have pictures, some people hate it, some people like them inline, some don’t, some prefer links, etc… I published one major story with only AI art, Human Trials, and while most people seemed to enjoy the pictures, I had one particularly nasty comment that ridiculed them. So now I put my almost trademarked montages at the end of my stories, so they can be ignored by those who don’t want them.

I’m also someone who can be turned off by the wrong picture, so I understand. Even describing someone with a mustache or a body builder type in words turn me off, so sometimes I will download the story and change the descriptions to be able to enjoy it.

In any case, I don’t think there’s a strong argument for or against, it’s really totally a matter of taste. So as a writer, I look for solutions that can cater to as many tastes as possible.

[I see the topic was about tf stories and I answered for all stories, but it may still be relevant.]

I oppose it in two ways because not only the art usually sucks but also it steals jobs from the artists that could use it. The story does not need to have images, they are just additives so i prefer when it does not have ai in it