Which Stories Inspired You to Write?

Which one’s got you interested in this genre? Which one’s made you want to add to it?

For me it was:
The Master’s Collection By Man of the Mind
A Newer World Order By Richard Pickman
Reality Morality By Ollie369
Building Walls By buff cj
The Book By John Manning


The Master’s Collection was the first story I ever read in this genre, I’m pretty sure. It was the first that left a real impression at least. The passage where Captain Titan is enslaved is fairly simple and yet so incredibly effective.

Hyptrance’s stories were probably the ones that inspired me to actually try writing my own stuff.

I can’t pin it to individual stories so much as being inspired by multiple stories by specific writers. Derek Williams in particular wrote consistently well and took a variety of different approaches, which I’ve tried to emulate. Also I remember being influenced by two writers who I don’t think have anything posted on GSS: Brian Ramirez Kyle and RdyRoger at metabods.com.

Rubbrsome’s stories inspired me to write my first (and thus far only) story, appropriately named “Some Kind of Rubber.” There’s something about his writing style that is so direct, uncluttered - it makes me think “anyone can do it!” But then another story, different style, “Sinister Intentions” has also inspired a forthcoming story, with its slow and gradual build-up.

When I was a kid I absolutely hated reading. Only when I was 17 did I discover non-fiction (which is still the bulk of what I read). For the fiction I have read, I often seemed to have an interest in classics of French literature. My life felt changed when I read all of Proust (in English). I don’t think I could successfully imitate that style (nor do I think most readers would want to experience it), but sometimes the uncanny accuracy of his descriptions I keep in mind when I write, in order to try to evoke a response with the reader.

I can’t remember what caught my interest in the genre, but Derek Williams was a major influence to me too.

Swizzington’s The Good Boy Handbook.

Look through the comments. Sooo many people were practically up-in-arms over whether the protagonist should “win.” I realized there were a lot of stories that, when you separate yourself from the kink, are actually quite horrifying. An innocent, albeit lazy, kid is transformed into an obedient slave. Even his mother got roped into it. I think that part was what inspired me the most to write. The mother was completely innocent; she loved her son, despite his flaws, and in her attempt to help him through his issues she ended up being controlled as well.

I decided to start writing so that there can always be at least one story where there is a good ending. :slight_smile:

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You’re right, sometimes when I’m writing and stop to think about what is actually happening to the characters I find myself thinking, “This is actually pretty fucked up…”. It does seem like the fetishes we share on this site often go hand-in-hand with total depravity, and that probably explains why ‘bad’ endings are so common. Although it depends on my mood, often the darker and crueler the story, the more I enjoy it, and I actually often have to tone down my stories because sometimes I think I’ve probably gone too far, lol.

Happy endings make for a nice change of pace!

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I actually have a few inspirations. Aardvarkia over on Tumblr influenced me to write along with a few other writers whose particular stories hit all of my main fetishes: mind break, body transformation, muscular subs and dumb-ification.

Taking Notes by MCBrain
He’s Better Suit Ted by Cicero
Bad Pharma by Baralai
Becoming Joshua Aaron by pizzadaddy
What Are Friends For? by z119z
Hidden Passages by screamingmoist (and really anything by screamingmoist gets me well…moist)

The inspiration for me to write Bulges came from an artist by the name of absolutbleu, who’s art often matches what I see in my head when my characters transform. In particular, the one series that spurred me to write Bulges in the first place was a story about a series of pictures of one of his characters–Coach Murphy. You can find them here but there’s only four chapters up and I have no idea what happened to the writer.

Anyways, those are my writing inspirations as a whole. It’s interesting seeing where people’s ideas and stories come from, in my opinion. Hopefully others share more too :smile:

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He’s Better Suit Ted is a good one! Just wish it was formatted a little better on GSS :frowning:

It was authors like. Callmecrazy, Onix, Aardvark and Fantcman that really got my buttons well and truly pushed.

I’ve got a few stories on here now as a result.

Love their work and the work of many others. I like certain themes a lot. Muscle growth and dumbing down and other transformations do it for me.

The works of Againstmywill, Ollie369, RobinHood70, and webb025, just to name a few, were the main ones I can think of that influenced my tastes in writing and got me to a point where I feel as though I HAD to contribute my fantasies as well. I’d say that most of you that have read both their and my stories can easily see parallels.

Main story influences:

The Math by Againstmywill
Reality He Wrote by Ollie369
Web of Trust by RobinHood70
Bully Blitz by webb025

Hyptrance’s work, most notably the Hero Sometimes Fails, which was the first hypno story i ever read, and Eigh’s work. None of them post anymore, which makes me a sad puppy.

Come to think of it, I’ve been interested in brainwashing and mind control since watching the “Green with Evil” saga in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” when I was younger. I loved the idea of spontaneously altering a characters personality and got excited when it cropped up in other shows. As I got further into my teens, that interest became more sexual. That lead me here.

The earliest I remember is Mcgarguy’s Hardhats and Hazings. This story was a staple in my readings for a long time. The innocence of the main subject, the classic hypnosis, and the hot action pushed all of my buttons. I have always wanted a continuation of this, maybe as a series. Perhaps if I ever get around to writing my own works, I’ll tackle this erotic gem.

The authors of the first pieces I read are largely the authors who inspire me still.

The Bulldawg Maker by absman420
Ordinary Joe by Hypnoobedient
Little Friends by Mreyes8230 (Parts 8, 9, and 12 were/are a big inspiration)
The Royal Academy by WillieCici
Adventures of a Mind Controller by Swizzington
All Hail the Emperor! by Anonymous
Fusion by rubbrsome