Who are your favorite writers that don't seem to be around anymore?

I really miss AgainstMyWill and his stories that bordered on horror but still hot. I also wish DannyDaLionKing had done more stories, the two he did are among my favs of all time.


I absolutely love Maxhockeyjock’s stories. They’re what really got me interested in this whole genre to start with.

I know he released a new story under a different handle fairly recently, but, alas, it was a big shift in theme and subject matter and just didn’t do it for me in the same way. The original 8 or so stories he wrote will always be classics!

  • absman420 (author of “Pollination”)
  • wishbone blue (author of “Bargain” - who I recently wrote asking to finish, or proposing that he let others write possible endings)
  • Erik East (author of “Becoming His Pet”)
  • slyleather (author of “Sinister Intentions”)
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i miss gayborhood, i wanted more contagious musk


Hyptrance! Where the heck are you? All his stories are amazing.


Great idea for a thread!

I truly miss Mafisto’s stories. Back when I first started reading MC related erotica, I would revisit his Domination and The Mechanics very often. I’ve read a lot other things and my interests and kinks have deleveloped and branched ever since, but those old school adventures of his are always gonna be in my top list.

He seemed to be making a comeback 3 years ago, but he vanished into thin air soon after. I wish he could come back full of inspiration for new and imaginative ways of using mind control.

If anyone knows how to reach him, I’d love to send him a huge thank you note for being my first favorite MC writer.


Chester used to write often

I miss ONYX, he had awesome character development. I’m still frustrated! Waiting to see how some of his stories end!

SIMONBARSINISTER, because his writing was lucid and original.

VIKINGZOMBIEBOYFRIEND, for the same reason as the other two, but he had a wonderful understanding about human psychology.


absman420 here – thanks, nycboot, for the shout out! POLLINATION (and the series it inspired) are favorites of mine, as well. I’ve often considered expanding the series and making it a sci-fi/erotica novel – argh… no time.

I still write when I get a chance, but I don’t have the same kind of time I used to have. I just posted a couple new ones recently! Thanks again!


So glad to see you still active @absman420 ! Been a little busy (and under the weather) but I look forward to reading them. Whatever time you have, I wish the best for your efforts.

Because I’m ancient, I get to reach into the mists of time and say: Rowan.

(Or, more formally, Rowan McBride.) Who’s only “not around anymore” in the sense that he’s graduated to publishing his stories, instead of posting them for free on forum sites… but from the perspective of those (these) forum sites, it counts.


I am erik east. This boy is very flattered.It would be wonderful to talk to you.

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Hi there erik east - we’ve emailed in the past. I still have the emails - I’ll contact you privately.

My email has changed. Try emmettfuchs7@gmail.com

Topaz172 reappeared recently, but then disappeared again. I’m hoping that he will return soon (Wrote the Area 51 series and a much longer series starting with “Various Techniques”)

magister I haven’t heard from for a while either (My favorite is “Hypnohummer” and " The devil and Andy Goode")


Killerwhale zeus had some of the hottest writing I’ve ever read. Unfortunately not only is he not writing (that I know of), I think a lot of his story are getting taken down.

Webb025 always pops in and out, and he briefly describes his circumstances and therefore why he can’t write/publish that often, but that doesn’t make me want to read his work any less.


I really miss Hyptrance. His writing was a big inspiration to me. The first story I ever read was “The Hero Sometimes Fails”, which got me into the whole mind control genre to begin with. Sometimes he added foot scenes into his stories, which was so damn amazing, but even without it, his writing could really get me off. I wish I knew what his email was or something, so that I could message him how much his stories meant to me. Really good writer.


Totally agree. It was Hyptrance’s stories that helped me realize how much I enjoy this genre.


The author of the Kota cock series

He was on Tumblr at some point.