Writing Workshop for GSS Stories

Greetings Gents - would anyone be interested in forming a writers’ workshop for stories intended for publishing on GSS? We could form a discord group, with each writer taking a turn to submit a draft (perhaps with a new story every month or every two weeks), and we all can then provide reviews/critiques and discuss the story (and overall genre). I greatly enjoyed creative writing workshops in college, and the perspectives of others can be very helpful for writers (especially frustrated writers like me - I trash 3/4 of everything I pen). If interested, respond, and maybe we can form a discord group.


Sounds interesting.

Two weeks might be too quick a turnover period, but a month so about right. I would like to discuss things and see how other authors approach things. So consider me interested and looking to see a bit more of your vision.

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Edit: clearly I posted this in the wrong thread