Writng help with a particular scene/image

Hello again to all the authors and readers; I’m back to posting work back up on the site (I’ve been writing, but never seemed to get something to the point of posting until I started using a new writing program.) So now that I’ve posted and gotten some good feedback, I wanted to put something out there and see if the community of authors should help me.

So one scene that I’ve wanted to incorporate into my stories is a group scene like the one below.

This scene is the hypnotized (or mind neutralized in the language of the actual episode) police force lined up waiting for their leader to arrive. What I’m aiming to do is while depicting the number of men in uniform focus on one member among the group who is getting turned on by everything there: the group of uniformed men around him of which he is a part of, the bond he is feeling with the group, and maybe add in the actual mind neutralizing/conditioning which these feelings add on to.

So I’m looking to the authors out there for any thoughts on how to go about doing this in a story. How would the description of this scene work? Any thoughts and examples you provide are greatly appreciated.

This is pretty difficult to give much directly that will be useful. Maybe some questions will help.

What perspective is the rest of the story being written from? First?

Is there anything else going on that needs to be incorporated?

Does the character you want to use for the POV know what’s happening and he finds it hot? Does he not know but finds it hot subconsciously? Does everyone find it hot as a result of the process?

Often times for me, easiest way to write something like this is to just write down exactly what events I want to happen, then start writing about how the character feels throughout them. For a scene I find hot, that is usually enough to pull the scene together for me. Making it work for the rest of the story is another challenge tho

Thanks for responding. The questions are helpful to start thinking about how I want to approach the scene. You’ve given me something to think about; I appreciate that.