You OK Martin?

Your Excuse the Drama message is, uh, certainly highlighting something.

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don’t worry. It’s just me musing about things that happened last year. I didn’t want to fish for sympathy, but I appreciate the support of course.

I’m just angry at some people who, as I see it, prefer to talk about me (behind my back and in a rather offensive way) than with me instead, even though I asked to have an open chat with them.

I’d rather not be confronted with their presence anymore. In real life, I’d just shut them out of my life, but that’s not possible on a website I offer. Seeing that they’re on GKS/GSS on a daily basis, some even posting on the forum and publishing stories is just pissing me off.

I probably should be more professional and just not care so much. But I just can’t help it.


It’s tough to be professional under all circumstances. Sometimes you gotta do the emotional relief thing.

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Very sorry to hear that you have had to put up with this, Martin. You do not deserve such treatment as you work incredibly hard to keep this site going. The people you are talking about should be ashamed of themselves.

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Yeah, thanks, I’d rather not make such a fuzz about this, as the last thread was actually used against me (“he’s just fishing for support by only giving them half the picture”).

I just wanted to ask those guys to be consequent and cut all ties with me, and that posting on the front page seemed the best way, as they ignore my PMs.

I always would have preferred if people tell me directly if something I do pisses them off, confront me, so I can tell them my side of the story. But some seem to prefer to spread their opinion about me elsewhere where they assume I can’t see it.

Of course, that’s something that happened many months ago, nothing recent.
I just keep seeing them around here, and knowing that they use the service I provide while at the same time they’re convinced that I’m an ass is something I find hard to swallow.


This board rocks Martin, and that should be all you’re being judged on in here. At least in my opinion, if they don’t like you they shouldn’t be on YOUR board, I mean if we had a falling out for putting all those typos in my work I wouldn’t post here anymore, it is your board. I don’t care about the rest of the story about what happens off the board, cause that is off the board. This place should be free off that shit.


Best thing to do is keep succeeding.

If you’re a good person and they’re good people, the situation will right itself over time.


I’m one of the people he’s talking about, though clearly not the only one as there are things he’s saying that don’t even remotely apply to me. (I have no “turf” to allow him or disallow him on, for example, and the last chapter I posted was three months ago.)

To more directly address your post, though, the problem is, I do like him. If I didn’t, this would be a lot easier. From his perspective, however, I went behind his back and said mean things about him in a forum that he had just left, and therefore I’m only claiming to be his friend but not actually being one. From my perspective, it was a simple, fact-based statement, not intended to malign him in any way, just to express what I saw as glaringly obvious. I was trying to help other people decompress after a major blow-up on Discord between Martin and several other users, including other staff, caused by Martin posting as two different users. Martin believed it should be obvious to anyone that they were actually the same user and got really upset when people didn’t universally agree with him. He didn’t mention any of that in his forum post a few months ago, however, leading to my comment on Discord that he was only giving half the picture. (That wasn’t actually the phrase I used, but close enough.) It wasn’t intended to go behind his back and I would have said it to his face or in the thread, but we’d had enough drama at that point and I didn’t see any point to spreading it outside the Discord, nor did I want to rehash things that we clearly were never going to agree on. Discussing it further would have been futile and only increased the acrimony.

As a result of that whole drama, Martin ultimately gave up the Discord server to someone else. (Edit: slight confusion there…I meant he left the Discord server; him giving it up came before all this.) All this happened three months ago, but he only recently re-logged on to Discord and found out about it, so it’s rearing it’s head again.

As for why I don’t take my stories and go home, so to speak, it’s because I’ve built up a fan-base here over the past 9 years, both under Hugh and under Martin. That’s a significant investment, and is particularly important considering that I’ve been trying to get people to follow me here instead of MC Stories. This is a far better and more interactive site than MC Stories or any other porn site I’m aware of, so I’d very much like to continue being here. For the time being, however, I’m keeping my interactions minimal in the hopes that this will eventually blow over and that we’ll repair our friendship as we have when we’ve had differences in the past. I’m beginning to think that won’t be possible this time, however.


When it’s really cold weather (last night the effective temperature was a windy 17 [-8.3 C] , I think of how wonderful it’s going to be in 6 months when I’ll be wearing shorts and sweating.

So too, when personal difficulties arise with people, I think of what life will be like one or more years from now: So many other things will have happened that I will have forgotten the troubles that are bothering me now.

So Martin, look to an optimistic future!


When it’s -8.3 I wonder if my nipples will fall off and if the surface will be smooth or will there be bumps there commemorating a lost part of myself. But I agree, if this is fresh to you but an old posting, don’t lose the gains you’ve made and look positively forward. I love this site and the creative people in it. You’ve cultivated something wonderful and a hell of a following.


So to clarify, nothing has happened recently? This is in response to the drama that happened 3 months ago on Discord?

Something that the vast majority of people visiting the site would be completely unaware of if not for the banner announcement that just alerted them to it.


At least for my part, yeah. Martin and I got into an argument about that incident recently, but AFAIK, there’s no inciting incident from me that’s recent. As I said, though, there’s a lot there that I don’t believe is referring to me, so I’m not sure what else might be going on.

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What’s happened ‘now’ is Martin’s observation that “these people” are carrying on using the site (Martin’s site) as if all is well, despite his perspective of being ostracized/maligned by them elsewhere.

Martin’s claim is — if I can be so bold as to assume it — you shouldn’t be condemning the farmer in your own circles, but continuing to buy the farm’s eggs, milk and wheat.

Likely, yes. The public notice may’ve been a trump card following unsuccessful/unanswered DMs / PMs to the people in question.

P.S. This is just me providing illumination. It contains none of my own views.

No nothing happened recently. No new drama. Just a request of mine. That’s all.

If you had a falling out with someone, you don’t go around in their house either, right? At least not before trying to heal things.

I’m usually quite successful with talking things through in a one-on-one private discussion. Because most of the times it’s just a problem of having a different perspective on things, misunderstandings, hurt egos, and overreactions. I never have any issues admitting if I made a mistake.

But this doesn’t work if people don’t want to talk and keep ignoring you. Or, which might even be worse, if they just keep deflecting anything you say and coming up with new accusations, which are - at least in my point of view - ridiculous and not part of the problem.

Talking through a problem is not about spamming the other person with accusations. It’s about listening and understanding where it all went wrong.

Ok, sorry for dragging this out in public. It was not professional. I know. Let’s put an end to it.

The message is out there, I hope those people I addressed either finally manage to get in touch with me or just honor my request.


No, actually, if you tell other people that a farmer is selling bad eggs, sour milk and rotten wheat behind the farmer’s back, you probably shouldn’t go to that farmer and expect to be welcome and get more business from him.

And that’s especially bad if the farmer thought that person would be on your side and stand up for you towards others.

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so… yes actually.
Our metaphors are like, 10% different from each other’s.

Yeah, maybe. You’re right. I misread your metaphor the first time. It’s exactly on point. :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna be honest, as someone who has been completely unaware of the drama, both the post on the main page and statements made on this thread are incredibly off putting. The idea that this community has any one owner is… concertning to say the least as an author and reader. i’ve been following this collection of stories since before it had it’s current name. There are stories here that if they were people, they would legal adults by now.

While I certainly appreciate the work done at updating and maintaining the website housing these stories, the notion that because someone doesn’t get along with the librarian they should be made or at least heavily encouraged to leave the website is frankly ludicrous, and makes me, (who again, had no idea about the drama leading up to these events) think twice about wanting to post on here or even continue to visit. If not for the fact that the authors on this site are what continue to bring me back, I’d delete my account right now.

And just to remind people/enlighten those who weren’t here in the days of of Narcissus Cursed Men collection, even if whoever happened to own the infrastructure of this site decided to delete the whole thing within a month the community would band together, establish a new site, and the collection would continue on regardless. Nobody own’s this site. Several people have run the domain and infrastructure throughout it’s lifetime and i’m very thankful for their services. But this is not a farm. It’s a library. and Librarians come and go.

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Um, yes, someone does. Literally does and we should be thankful it is still around. It has a cost, effort and upkeep done by someone, someone who surely is not doing it for profit. So i am sorry, but what you just said offended me and I don’t have a dog in this fight.



I have to admit that there’s a lot of truth in what you write.

This site is a community, a community’s work, all the stories are written by the community not me, I’m just offering the platform, nothing more.

I totally understand where you’re coming from.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a bar, you don’t “own” the community in there either. Still, no one would hold it against you if you’d ban someone who had done you wrong from your own bar. Noone can ask you to stand this person’s sight on a daily basis.

The truth is somewhere in between.

That newsflash this morning was a miskate, one of many I made in the last 12 months. I can’t dismiss the feeling of being angry that some people take me and what I do for granted while shitting on me, but I should keep my cool and my professionalism. if just to honor all the many many other people who ARE appreciative and who ARE enjoying this site.

If I keep doing shit like this, I’ll end up destroying this community, too. Just because of my hurt ego.