Google Chrome crash when access GSS

Hello, I would like to ask something.
For some time now I have had problems accessing Gay Spiral Stories from Google Chrome, the browser crashes shortly after loading the page, it simply freezes as if it were consuming too much RAM and could not do any other task, and the only solution is to force stop from the windows task manager.
Does something similar happen to anyone else?

Does this happen on any of the other sites (like, too?

Did you try to delete all the site’s data in the browser?

Are you using any kind of plugin that interefers with the site’s rendering (Ad Blocker, Script Blocker, style changer etc.)?

Try opening this link.

My computer’s fan turns on whenever I open up GKS on Chrome, the more pulsing icons the worse. It happens that if you browse the site from the “Top Rated” instead of “most recent” section there are a lot of pulsing icons. Have you recently tried to browse “top rated” on the site? The site saves the tab you were last browsing on.

If the pulsing icons are indeed the issue, try to disable them with the menu Theme->Disable Pulsing