Helping find stories

That’s it, amazing, thank you! Absolutely gutted it didn’t continue

I am looking for a CTF story. In it, two boyfriends have sex. I think that it is Christmas time. They have a Christmas fuck, and as a Christmas gift, one is merged with the cock becoming it. The other is happy after the merger happens and calls his real boyfriend with whom he has been cheating about his ’real’ boyfriend’s naivety and comes here to try his new cock.

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Do you know how to find it on nifty?

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Well I linked it. Here is the link again.


I’m looking for a story about a guy that receives a link or a disc with videos of a guy being tortured and fucked when he begs them to stop, he ends up going to where they make the videos and they put him in one and he loses the challenge.

I am looking for a story. It might be one of yours. In it a group office workers play poker and they are betting using their attributes, e.g. blonde hair. One of office workers plays and wins thus becoming the CEO. Does this sound familiar to you?

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