Hot Idea: Mentor

This isn’t really a proper story prompt, but I always liked the idea that, in a world where there are whole bunch of gay mind controllers, one of the older ones takes someone younger to mentor and guide.

Like, an established mind controller with a large harem who’s lived a long, amazing life, decides to bestow the knowledge upon a younger gay guy who just discovered his hypnosis. Maybe the younger guy was in the closet and he just turned 18. He doesn’t really have any clue what to do with it except make his old bullies give him really crappy blowjobs.

So the older guy shows him the ropes, shows him how to teach a straight guy to pleasure men, shows him how to completely empty a guy’s mind and fill it with gym workouts and oral techniques. Just the passing down of tradition.

There’s a straight story that does this really well called The Bimbo Merchant, in which a guy named Harold (who makes money by converting people’s spouses into willing sex slaves) finds a young inexperienced mind controller named Derek in the town he moved to. Harold decides to train him, first displaying his power to the Derek by temporarily converting an entire coffee shop into a sex party.

Here’s an excerpt of what I’m sort of talking about, edited to be gay by me:

Derek: Part 4

Today I met with Derek.

He tried to dress up. Who knows what he felt this was about. From the collared shirt and the borrowed sportscoat my guess he thought this was some sort of initiation rite. He was being tapped for Order of the Arrow, that kind of thing. At least, he wasn’t that nervous.

We were at a coffee shop, of course.

“So… hi,” he said. He extended a hand. “Derek.” Yeah, no shit.

“I know,” I said. I didn’t mean anything by it, but his eyes got wide. Well, of course I knew his name. You don’t need to be a mind controller. Some light reconnaissance would be enough.

I had thought about my approach and decided to go with deliberately casual. “I just moved into town, saw one of your guys walking around.”

“Which one?” he asked. Derek did not offer to buy me a cup of coffee, which lost him Harold-points.

“Tan skin… huge ass… Cartoon muscles…” no glimmer. “I guess I’m not narrowing it down.”

“Probably Mr. Evans,” he smirked. “He was my middle school history teacher.”

For me it was english. “How many guys have you done?” I asked, suddenly concerned. He looked away, so I took the answer from the top of his head. He had no idea how to stop me. “Twenty-three? Ah man. That’s too many.” I reconsidered killing him. Twenty-three. What an idiot. Twenty-three sexed-up muscleheads wandering around. Did he think no one would notice?

“Well, just five are permanent,” he argued, suddenly afraid. I can be scary when I want to be. The conversation had taken a turn he didn’t expect. “The rest are on triggers? When I say…”

“Yeah, Kaleidoscopic is not a great trigger,” I told him. “They should be two, three words.” His lower lip quivered. I relented. He was only eighteen, he didn’t know anything. “Well, since we’re in the same town I thought I could teach you a thing or two.”

“I think I know what I’m doing…” he mumbled.

“Excuse me, sir?” a tall ginger interrupted us. His tousled hair and toned muscles gave him a relaxed but rugged look. A shirt with three buttons undone that was a size too small showcased his lean muscular body nicely. He laughed. “I’m so sorry. Apparently they’re out of cream and… can I?”

“Sure,” I told him, affably. I scooted my chair aside a smidge, and he knelt between my legs and started to pull out my dick.

Derek was motionless.

“Not hard at all,” I assured him. I looked down. The redhead had it free and was working the shaft with long fingers. The rest of the coffee shop buzzed around us.

It gradually dawned on Derek that it was filling up with attractive young men, and not a single woman.

“So… can I get you a cup of coffee?” the rookie asked, properly humbled.

I grunted, and unloaded a shot onto the ginger’s face. He smiled and licked at it, letting the remainder fall into his cup o‘ joe. “Thanks, man, that’s perfect,” he said, dripping with sperm.

A built and buff black guy with a red headband approached. “I’m fresh out,” I explained, “but I think the kid can help.”

He got on his knees and waited.

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I think it’s a really cool idea. Has a lot of potential.

Your modified story segment is quite fun too. Hehe

I had a similar idea, and this is not an attempt to one up just share, involving a megacorp owned and led by a very powerful old man. A young masn is hired and starts to realize his bosses and co workers are hypnotized. He doesn’t publicize it but does take advantage to make his boss and a new hire with him his. He gets brought to the attention of the owner who explains he has been looking for an heir, and that our main guy could be it, if he is successful on some tasks.

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That’s a cool idea! It could start out with him wondering why all his coworkers at his new job are all attractive young men with movie-star good looks, and no women. Its also weird because he himself isn’t particularly handsome. He doesn’t question it too much, because its not every day that you get to work in an office with a boatload of attractive people.

Eventually he realizes that they’re all hypnotized. Its small things at first, the glazed eyes, the constant smiles, the genuine belief in those corny posters they hang up in offices that tell you to “be positive” and “strive for greatness”.

Then its bigger things, like how none of the guys seem to have any sense personal space, or how he’s never allowed to go above the first floor of the building, all of which is owned by the same company. Eventually he hacks into his computer and discovers that all the computers have been coded to flash subliminal messaging to turn the office into slaves.

Instead of calling the police, he edits the subliminals of his boss Mike to see if it works, which proves to be correct when Mike begs to suck his cock in return for a promotion and a pay raise.

He uses his hacking skills to promote himself higher and higher in the company, moving up floor after floor, trying to find whoever’s at the top. Each floor he rises, he finds the hottest guy to add to his growing harem who move into his house for him to use after work. He likes variation, so its a different sort of guy every floor, different ethnicities, personalities, body types, etc.

Eventually he makes it to the top floor, where he meets an old man in a silk robe, surrounded by adoring adonis slaves who service his every desire and urge. He says that he’s been monitoring the protagonist’s progress through security cameras, and that he specifically hired him for this to happen as he is looking for young gay guy to inherit his corporate business, billions of dollars, and mind control technology.

He offers all this to the protagonist while four naked men with the bodies of marvel superheroes massage and kiss him. Of course the protag accepts the offer and takes his place on the top floor as the new leader.

I’m thinking it starts off kind of grey in your average large office set up with cubicles, grey light, a small kitchen, that kind of stuff, but it gets nicer every floor up, to the point where the highest floors look modern, fancy, and technologically advanced.

I also like the idea of businessmen stripped down in some form or another. Maybe everyone in full suits except their cocks and balls are hanging out. Or, the new dress code requires boxers, socks with garters, shoes, ties, and nothing else.

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@Yourmind123, yep. Exactly.

Your thoughts are exactly the same as mine. Hehe

I could imagine the men of certain tiers were special suits with hidden back zippers, so they can more easily present themselves.

The whole no sense of personal space is great, and may lead to touching and rubbing and good natured sexual competitions to prove whose a better employee.

I think despite all the mind control the company pays well and has amazing medical insurance and other publically talked about perks. In fact the men of the company only act super submissive at work, and when they go home they are fully themselves - though a themselves with an unquestioning view of the activities they get to at work.

The while only access to the ground floor could be based on training. Those on his floor, minus Mike, are new employees and so they are monitored to see how deep the training can go.

Maybe one of the first acts sees the protagonist have a sexual encounter with a fellow new employee in the bathroom. One which results in the other guy sucking main dudes cock while he is fingered.

I like the idea that as the main guy goes in rank some of the men he meets are chosen by him as his personal boys. He builds a harem without realizing that he was building a harem.

I think that he wasn’t effected by the subliminal computer program. May be that is why he is a perfect candidate.

I could see a scene where the team that wins a project gets to sexually make use of the team that looses.

The whole the workers using phrases of corporate propaganda and getting off on it could be fun. One guy can be like a “happy worker is a good worker” and then orgasms right there.

Good stuff. Love the idea. So sexy. :slight_smile:

Glad you like the idea as well. Thumbs up!

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Your suggestion led me to think of a gay mind-control “Willy Wonka”, with all the hypnotized studs being the equivalent of Oompaloompas.

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@Cris_Kane oh lord, that’s a mix of hilarious and ah bit awesome and hot.

The greatest think on a story like that is the writer would have to come up with songs. Hehe

The characters would be a mix of people, while our main gay guy works to hide his sheer enjoyment.

Maybe the whole act that is the equivalent of the drinking could be him having sex with one of the gay singers. Hehe

Yeah, I like the idea that outside of the mind control, the company is actually pretty okay, with healthcare and benefits and stuff, along with letting them be normal at home.

As for the personal space stuff, I like to imagine its small things at first, like back rubs and grazing hands, but once the protagonist finds out about the mind control, he decides to see how far he can go. He casually gropes his coworkers’ asses and crotches at the water cooler and they just smile back at him. He’s standing in line for the bathroom and rubs his hard dick against the ass of the guy in front of him (though his pants), and the guy barely notices. Eventually he just makes out with anyone he meets in the office instead of shaking hands. He makes the mistake of slapping a coworker’s ass outside of work, which is how he realizes they only act like this inside the office.

Yeah totally. Your ideas are brilliant! And fun.

I think the opposites of on one side there being mind control and on the other the company being basically awesome is a really nifty thing.

Maybe one of the few out of work changes is a general open mindness. So like when the scene you are talking about happens the dude is like peaceful on how he doesn’t do such a thing, but you know, you be you.

I like his testing idea. The slight touch leading to gripe leading to all out sex to test things.

Maybe he even implements a new motivational or group project activity which really is just something like group cock sucking or butt sniffing. But the men declare it was productive and that they should do it more often.

I could even see a scene when he is in an office meeting and gets one guy to give him a blow job while another guy bends over and gets his ass rimmed.

At some point maybe he can expand the control so that some of his co workers actually do operate slightly different. Though this is something he chooses carefully.

And maybe at the end he sends out a number of job offers to some of his old high school or college jocks. He wants to make them his.

Let’s call the protagonist Mark for now.

I think it would start out like this:

Mark comes in to work for the first day of his new job. He filled out an online application that gave him a headache because of a glitch in the screen, and was hired immediately. (unbeknownst to Mark and the reader, the glitch was actually the subliminals. Since it gave him a headache, he wasn’t susceptible to the mind control, which is why he was hired) Before coming into the office, he had to go through a full physical including STI testing, which was strange, but the job payed well so he wasn’t complaining

He meets his boss in the entrance, and the boss tells mark that he was a last-minute hire, and that the other new employees on floor one had already been there for 3 months (meaning they’ve all been programmed by the subliminals for that long). He thinks his boss is really hot, until he meets the staff and realizes that the entire office is filled with men that could be models for Calvin Klein or Dolce&Gabbana.

I imagine that every floor has a boss who is gay, and gets to have fun with their respective employees. The thing is, they’re all gay men who were susceptible to mind control, so they think everything is normal too. That’s the reason the Mastermind on the top floor didn’t choose any of them to replace him, since they could all be controlled. Its why Mark is such a promising candidate.

His office mates are really nice, except for the guy in the next cubicle who is kind of douchey and makes gay jokes. Later on in the story, Mark really enjoys pulling out his dick and rubbing it in that guy’s face, even though the guy won’t realize anything weird is happening. For now though, Mark just kind of deals with it. Even though the guys are fun during break time, everyone seems really invested in their work, gazing at their computers with glazed eyes as they type. They all seem pretty happy and optimistic about their lives, which is surprising for an office.

A couple of things are pretty weird: first off there are no women in the office at all, the office is like a sea of trousers, ties, and coiffed hair. Second, outside of being incredibly attractive in general, everyone is way too fit and muscular for guys who spend 8 hours in an office. Third, Mark seems to be the only one who doesn’t look like an adonis. He’s kind of short, and he has a bit of a gut. If he weren’t so turned on, he’d be self-conscious. Fourth, the annoying glitch that gives him a headache has appeared on his computer at work too. Fifth, each guy takes a 20-minute bathroom break at a specific time each day. Finally, they have no sense of personal space, giving each other back rubs, bear hugs, and other forms of intimate contact Mark has never seen from a group of straight, masculine men.

Later on, Mark will find out that most of the employees have been hypnotized to exercise for 90 minutes after work, and most have been hypnotized to periodically shave all their body hair. The bathroom break is to practice getting fucked in the ass and mouth (using dildos and butt plugs) so they’re ready for all office activities.

Being around these attractive men ignites a sexual passion within Mark. One day while waiting in line for the bathroom, Mark is checking out the ass of the guy in front of him, and the next thing he knows, he’s hiding an erection like a teenager. He steps forward and trips, falling into the guy, his erection impossible to miss as his crotch slams into the guy’s butt. He’s about to start apologizing, but the guy just smiles and tells him whatever.

He finally comes out of his sexual stupor and realizes something weird is going on. He hacks into the companies classified files, which is when he discovers the subliminals. Its too strange and shocking a story to tell the police, so he decides to test it out instead. He deletes the subliminals from his computer, and adds one to the boss’s saying that he will become obsessed with sucking Mark’s cock.

That’s what I’ve got so far. I think I might actually write this story!

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Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!

That is so super hot. Like seriously.

I like your outline. I like the headache which provides a reason for why he was chosen. I like the testing that makes sure he is clean, I bet the training given works to make sure rg e men care. I like the fact that other gay men are present, and in management, but not chosen. The whole working out after work is a nice touch and an explanation on why everyone is so physical.

I like how most are nice but you have one annoying guy, and I like what he gets.

The fall and the oops as he rubs up against a butt is hot. As is the idea of the general physical closeness that nobody seems to notice.

I definetly think that when he accesses the programming he discovers a number of rules. Many are sexual, some are focused on work, a few are about our if work behavior.

Maybe certain words said by individuals recognized as management could lead to certain programmed behaviors. Some maybe even super sexual.

Maybe a scene could occur where Mark is on a business trip or runs into him somewhere and decides to takes advantage by using certain words.

A scene could be he is in his office looking at files and a coworker comes in and he orders him to suck his cock or bend over for some fingering or something.

A side plot could be he goes to the gym, not out of commands but rather to get physically fit so he can fuck more.

It’s a brilliant story design, super sexy, and hot. I would totally read a story based on this. So thumbs up to you if you write it. (My minds all over the place so I’m unfocused on this sort if story writing at the moment)

I will say if found write it don’t forget some rimming. Haha


I really really like this whole thread.
One thing seriously missing is a challenge. Besides the hacking, what are the challenges to the protagonist (Mark) rising? Is it just the same thing every floor?
That could be the challenge, actually. Every floor the hypnosis mechanism could be different and he has to figure out how to hack it. So on floor one, it’s computer monitors. On floor two, it’s a particular boss who uses a watch or something. He’s been hypnotized too, of course, but he reinforces the system, and Mark has to enslave him. On the next floor, the hypnosis is done through a spray in the showers to make them suggestible, and then a subliminal plays over the intercom in the shower maybe?
I’m running out of different ways to hypnotize.
I think having each floor managed by a controller (who is already enslaved to the old man at the top) could add some unexpected and hot surprises. Having Mark take down each of these level bosses, and enslave them, could be great. Especially if they’re the hottest guy on the floor.

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Ooh interesting. The idea of mini bosses on each floor to ve “defeated” sounds interesting. And fun.

It also means by the time he gets to the top he already owns the main directors of the company.

Do people get promoted up the floors or are they hired and placed on a particular floor and then go through the process of mind control there.

I do like the idea that asd the floors rise the control gets more blatent or outlandish or whatnot.

Near the bottom matter a are nornasl seeming but near the top the workers are bouncing on dildoes as rewards for job well done.

Though that seems more blatent, cartoony, then one might want.

I do like the idea of taking the floor bosses in order to secure the floors.

I also like the core idea that unlike others he never gets hypnotized.

Hmm. Actually an idea. Maybe he is not the first to go through the process, the testing. But before him all other gay men loose their will to resist at some point, leading to them getting hypnotized. They then are given good jobs at great pay for the fact they tried.

I do think that maybe the manager on the first floor is straight. He isn’t like the others die to him b eing the intro floor.

As an idea. We use floor bit it couk d be building. The company may own a complex in the middle of a wilderness business park.

This is a super sexy idea.

That’s what I’m thinking too, a bit. I imagine that the other bosses are gay men the Mastermind had wanted to overtake him. With every floor, the mind control gets more intense, and eventually the past men have all fallen victim to it, never able to rise higher. Mark is unique because the mind control doesn’t affect him at all.

I don’t necessarily thing there needs to be something for him to overcome every floor. The company was designed to be a test as well as a business, but since he’s unable to be hypnotized, I don’t think there’s really anything in his way. He could technically just get to the top floor immediately by hypnotizing the boss of each floor to allow him to go up another story, but he chooses to take it slow since he doesn’t know what he’ll find at the top, and he wants to enjoy it while he can.

Instead, the variation on each floor should be the men. The first floor where he starts out is filled with new recruits, all of whom are very different, despite wearing the similar uniforms (collared shirt, tie, trousers,etc.), but each floor could specialize in something different.

Perhaps one floor is more BDSM-oriented; the boss spanks employees who don’t meet their quarterly goals; everyone wears a leather harness and jockstrap beneath their shirts and ties; the men are split into doms and subs; the assistants and secretaries all wear collars and leashes;

Another floor might floor might have everyone in full business suits, except all of their zippers are undone and each mans cock and balls are hanging out.

There could be a floor with the executives who acts all tough, but have been programmed to beg their assistants to rim them and fuck their asses daily:

A floor could have a specific type of guy, like all bears, or all spanish guys, or something. The possibilities are endless!

Overall, I don’t need big obstacles for Mark to overcome, because I like stories that are more about fulfilling desires than working for them. Its not about Mark proving himself as worthy of keeping a harem, its about Mark doing whatever he wants just because he can.
Have you ever seen a really hot guy on the bus, or at work, and you get this urge to make out with him, or grope his ass? Of course you don’t, because in real life consent matters, and we don’t assault people. But imagine having the power to do that! Acting on whatever sexual impulse you have, doing whatever you want, because no one cares. Kissing that guy, feeling his his body, and he won’t stop you, in fact he’ll kiss you back. Men all around you to satisfy your every carnal urge without judgement. If you want to bend your homophobic manager over a desk and fuck his brains out in front of the whole office, and everyone will just go about their business. The fact that Mark gets to do it in a wonderland of attractive men just icing on the cake.


The fact that for all it’s mind control at the core this is a business is important. These people in their entranced nature need to have great enough focus that they can monitor and decide and operate a business. One of international scope and billions of dollars of revenue flow.

Added on top is the Mastermind mind controlling his people. Added on that is his attempt to showcase many of the fun fetishes for his enjoyment. Added on top is him finding a way to reward the gay men in his employ. Added on that is him finding a successor.

I like the idea of him exploring the floors. Not as bosses to beat but as adventures to be had. “Why kinky stuff is on the next floor”. Some floors he stays on for a while or goes back to, others he passes on with a shrug.

As he moves through some catch his fancy and be keeps them as his. Others he might punish, though that is hard as they often don’t consider what happened to be weird.

As he goes through he also discovers interests he night not have known he had. Or decided to really play up the ones he likes.

All in all he has fun.

Which doesn’t really stop once he gets to the top. Not only does the mastermind not just automatically give him the company bit he requires him to know the business fully. Which means exploring divisions and such. Maybe with a boy toy with him. Hehe

It really sounds fun!

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One of my favorite stories is a bit like this: Shepherds of Men by Eromenos (sadly his only story). It’s about an institution where young men are brought before a master and taught to control others.

Personally, for me, the fact that the main character is mind controlled himself was a turnoff. I much prefer the main to be immune or safe or whatnot.

The newest season of American Horror Story gave me some ideas recently. It’s revealed that alongside the witch coven from season 3, there was also an underground school of male warlocks, who were taught abilities like telekinesis and mind control. The four leaders of the coven are all gay men, and although nothing sexual has happened as of the latest episode, the idea of a gay warlock coven that teaches students growing into their abilities how to mind control others has a lot of potential!

I imagine them bringing in a straight mortal for the students to practice on, making him strip, kiss another guy, suck a dick, and generally see how far they can bend his will.

They could have mortal men as butlers walking around to service the students’ every need and desire. Perhaps men who have wronged the warlocks in the past, homophobic bullies, horrible bosses, abusive gym teachers, that kind of thing.

They train the students and at the end of their training, the students either leave the coven to do as they please in the world, or they can join the coven and help make their community stronger.

I don’t know, it’s not really a strong idea, it mainly came from seeing Cheyenne Jackson as a sexy warlock running a school of attractive young men with magic, to be honest.

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That does sound like a sexy idea and a perfect method for one to learn the magics. It also enables the whole thing with the magic users being gay and not mind controlled by their teachers.

I haven’t seen the show but if a gay male coven is the something I might watch it. Hehe

Honestly it’s not worth it just for the coven. They’ve only been in a few episodes, and knowing American Horror Story’s track record with gay characters, they’ll probably all die horrifying deaths in the next three episodes.

The show is fun and kooky, with some great acting, snappy one-liners, and a surplus of man-ass and shirtless dudes, so I’d still recommend it, but not for it’s gay representation. Gay characters, especially gay men, are usually only there for one or two episodes before being slaughtered. I don’t think it’s homophobic by any means, since a lot of characters on the show die, and Ryan Murphy, the creator, is a gay man, but as a gay viewer, you start to notice a pattern

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@Heru_Kane Hey so I found this old thread a few weeks ago and I decided to give this story a try! Its the first thing I’ve written longer than a few hundred words, and I wanted to know what you (or anyone else here) think of it so far. I’ve only written a few chapters, and I’m worried there’s too much exposition before it actually gets to the sex. Either way, looking for some feedback: