Hypnosis & Mind Control videos

Wow it seems they are removing all their hypno content :frowning_face:

It may not be the site itself that’s the problem. A lot of payment processors won’t deal with sites who have hypnosis (and other dubious-consent) content on them, so the site ends up having to choose between having hypno content or having money.

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Yeah, sadly hypno content can no longer be produced because payment processors consider it "non consensual”.

Ultimately that might cause someone to invent an alternative to X (Twitter). I’m all for it.

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So, the StraightHell//CMNM//BreederFuckers guys just released a hypno video recently!

They linked to it here and there’s currently a 2-minute preview vid for it on the front page of CMNM.net

It’s called POLICE RAID, and the basic plot goes that two hunky police officers try to raid a secret weed farm only to get knocked out by pervy Adrian and his brainwashed boy. They’re stripped naked and tied up, then one of them is somehow also brainwashed into groping/fingering/kissing the other under Adrian’s command, as well as kissing Adrian’s shows. By the end it seems that both officers have succumbed to the mind control, making out with each other and another officer while Adrian watches in the side and films the brainwashed policemen on his phone, having indicted two more men into his sex cult.

The StraightHell guys have made some of my favourite porn stuff ever, one of the only sites to show buff. masculine guys getting groped, kissed, tied up, banged, and generally perved on by Dave and Adrian, my favourite creepers lol. There’s actual fucking and the scenes are about gay guys having their way with “straight” men instead of the other way around, a rarity in most gay bdsm porn. Seeing them branch out into hypno stuff, even just for one video, is very very fun, it looks campy but still hot, and the police actors seem really sexy.

I can’t find a link to it now, but they had another great video a while back about a creepy vicar who sells a straight office worker a party drug in a public restroom. The young businessman tries some of the drug but it turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac that makes him so hot and bothered that he literally can’t help but strip naked and start making out with the horny vicar. A few other people walk into the restroom and join in during subsequent videos, but there was something so hot about the original, just one bit of the drug to immediately make this upstanding white collar guy into a desperate slur for the nearest man.


Nice addition. Definitely buying it

Thank you for the link!

I had forgotten how ridiculous and camp CNMN is! I love them and their sense of humour :grin: Listening to Adrian coming up with the most absurd and stupid things to say while he “inspected” any sort of guys’ bodies was maybe what I loved the most from their videos.

And for this one in particular: the B series inspiration for the trailer, the old over-the-top horror music, and the big bold letters announcing it’s “FILMED IN COCK ‘N’ BALLS-A-SCOP” made me laugh so much :joy:

Still, hot premise! Gotta love some cops turned into pervs.


I wish there was a way to buy this video on its own without subscribing to a whole new service.

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Home Builder gets hypnotized:


Some good videos there

Nice! I see pumpactionxxx finally decided to release videos in a different platform. OF restrictions are too much these days

Interesting set up!

I like the butt shot. Hehe

A relatively new movie from film 911 is pretty good at $25. You see two guys and they actually have sex together until orgasm. https://film911.net/hypnosis-fetish-videos/aidan-austyn-are-homophobic-coming-12-20-23/

Also, I found the model in this one pretty attractive.


I think this is the second one you were referring to:



I dunno. I’m one of those cheapskates. Paying $5 to see a amateur video seems like an awful waste of money. How much more so when the price is $34.


I like this one. It’s from a Mexican creator. Mostly posting wrestling stuff, but he has a couple hypno ones:

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Found a YouTube channel with videos

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