MC manga

I found this on myreadingmanga. It’s the only one I can remember being about hypnosis.

That comic is actually sold on pixivFanbox. I happen to be a follower of damyu. He’s creating mc sequences with these colored spandex hero guys for quite a while.

It’s hot, but it can get a bit repetive. Still worth checking out:


Here’s another one I found recently . More on the bara side. But I find it pretty hot.
A guy gets hypnotized and sold as a prostitute. Interesting twist in the end

This one has some MC elements - a guy becomes a pet to an alien (who looks like a giant buff man) who seems to influence him through pheromones and telepathy.

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Well, i found this

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Here’s my personal favorites:

A classic hypno

MC in a train

Nerd gets jock

Father and son MC during the night find surveillance video

High-school kid hypno app on coach

Super hot video of Baseball player hypno’d

Gothy nerd hypno bully

Rescue soldier in hypno zombieland

Sentai heroes fall for hypno master

Red hero brainwashed video

And my favorite: and part 2


Thanks. I didn’t realize there was so much. I’ve seen a few time stop mangas, but that’s about it. I’ll check these out.

Happy to share. Got a few more but my laptop crashed right after posting, so I’ll share once I get it back.

I just looked at your favorite. I was wetting my shorts. How hot is that? Too bad chapter 3 hasn’t materialized. I’d love to see the twins forced to do each other.

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If only! It’s been years now, so I’m not holding my breath, but that was the final act I wanted.

Yeah. It’s weird. I have no attraction towards my brothers, but I’m very turned on by sibling sex. It’s about the ultimate taboo. Dads and sons are good as well, but it’s the brothers, especially twins, that gets my motor running.

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I feel exactly the same. Not just the taboo side of it, though thinking MC of course it is, but also I feel like it’s the ultimate male bond in a way. Not sure I can describe it better.

I always wished I had a brother (better even a twin) to get naughty with…

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Well, we’re all brothers here. :wink: :wink:

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Pheromone story, as promised

Thanks. I saw that one a long time ago, so thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

A new manga was released…not really Mind control, however, it does have sensory sharing tech and a little time stop at the end.

Seikan Link by LUNATIQUE

I saw that one last night. Thanks for the heads-up, though. I love Lunatique’s artwork. Both the men and the boys are always hot and yummy.

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Here’s some more Lunatique stuff. Very good hypnosis theme. Lunatique 1 lunatique 2

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Hi! To celebrate “Masturbation Day” (which, yeah, apparently is a thing), the artist Torakitchen has put one of his sets for free for a limited period of time. The set happens to have mind control and time stop :wink: So if you’re interested you can download it from his Pixiv Fanbox until de end of July.

As extra freebies, the set comes with an English translation in txt format for both parts, and the PSD file for the second part. You can find the links between the texted and textless versions of the set.

Also, if you enjoyed this, please consider purchasing his art or even subscribing to one of the monthly plans from his Pixiv Fanbox. This is the best way to promote the creation of content for our wonderful and niche fetiche :kissing_heart:

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