New Site Design

Please let JoahTheo and myself know what you think about the new site design!

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Very impressive!

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the new design is Fantastic really does go well for this site - thank you

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the header image, and really loving the ongoing development and changes with the site. A really wonderful job! Thank you for continuing to manage and maintain the site.


Looks amazing. The logo is great and the way the menus work now on an iPhone is quite nice. Thanks!!!

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There is actually an animation which you probably haven’t seen yet, as it doesn’t work on Safari (I had to disable it).

I think the logo is good and I really like the neon lettering of the title.

You said the animation is disabled in Safari. I use DuckDuckGo on an iPad and it looks really weird there. It’s tiled in an odd way and it flickers unexpectedly to a full-size view of the guy. I took a screen recording and will send it to you so you can see what it looks like.

Love it. It’s great fun.

I love the image on the home page. I am gonna look around to see what else might be different.

“Another requested new feature that has been added is the ability to report inappropriate comments.”

But, uhm, aren’t those the comments that are the most fun to read?

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This is meant for spam or harassing comments. I guess our definition for ‘inappropriate’ differs from the usual mainstream publication… :wink:


Love love love the new graphic!!!


I do like the new graphic and some of the other design tweaks.

The question of the times though, will there be additional graphics of guys of other races and ethnicities? Every guy deserves being able to see someone like himself thats a mindless cumslut.

There is also the other option, just cover the guy’s skin completely in rubber.

(And FWIW, I do understand that finding a graphic that represents everyone can be a struggle… I have this issue in my day job.)

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Not on this site, probably, at least not in close future. I don’t want to have to ask @JoahTheo to do all the work. Otoh, since this is “just” a render, it could be done without too much effort…

About the all rubber thing: I’m planning to create a site focussed on rubber (and other sites covering different kinks as well). And this will certainly get its own, very rubbery style :slight_smile:

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I like it :smiley:
I also feel bad I can’t donate the site for awhile using Sponsus. :frowning: finances have been a bit tight lately but i want to say that you’ve been doing an amazing job!


Don’t feel bad! I appreciate the sentiment and nobody should pay anything if he’s tight on money! This is just for fun, and if you have extra money and feel like it, a donation is appreciated, but I love you regardless!

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As rubber is in no way a focus or a requirement or a main element of this site I hope that it doesn’t grow bigger or more important or anything like that.

On the changes I like the ability to report inappropriate comments. Which is something I will do when I see the gay dating website message that seems to come up constantly.

That’s not rubber! Obviously this is some suit of unknown material made by aliens to subdue humans.

This picture is meant to represent various kinds of mind control themes (the spiral, the brain-frying machine and also the suit). Of course this has its limits. It’s a symbol, not more.

I’ll start a new site dedicated to rubber, drone and pup-play soon anyway. GSS will always stay as it is.

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Is there any way to turn off the endless scrolling, and to turn off the touch-to-bookmark function? Both of them are terrible on a mobile screen, bookmark happens on most scroll actions and now I have random bookmarks on many stories where I didn’t want a single one.

For the old paged design use the “More stories” button at the top of the stories list.

And that you keep creating bookmarks by accident is actually a bit disturbing to me. I tried many things to keep that from happening. You have to touch and hold above a paragraph for about a second to create a bookmark, if you move your finger (to scroll) it should never create a bookmark. If you just tab at the text, it shouldn’t create one either.

Can you maybe tell me exactly what happens and on what phone you are?