Planned Publishing Date?

Hi Admins,

is it possibel to offer a planned publishiung date?

So I can write several chapters of a series, but they will published on a specific date (after approval) and not “all at once”.


Not directly.

However, nothing is keeping you from submitting any number of chapters without clicking “publish”. Of course, then you still have to wait for approval, i.e. the timing might not be ideal.

But to all authors: If you think that a preset publishing date would be something you would like to see, then please click the “Vote” button on the top of this thread!

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I Love this Idea.
Even thought for a series, published every day in advent season.

Or during a longer time, every week, so that the Readers, got an Idea for the next chapter.



Hey, an advent series sounds good.

But you know what it means: 24 stories must be written, submitted and approveds (poor Martin :wink: ) before Dec 1st!

So, we should start with the stories concetp in summer…

But hey, I’ll think it’s worth, or what do you think, @Corin ?


One thing you could try is leaving a comment in the chapters when you publish them, as approvers we see comments even on unapproved stories.

Although, in practice i’m not sure how well a schedule would work, there are times when so many stories get published we get a bit behind.

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I understand your thoughts about some sort of “backog”.
For me it would be absolutely fine, if I could set a future date, min 2 weeks ahead. so the risk for you, that you approve “late” is vhery rare. But so it’s possible for an author to submit more than one chapter, but the will be released with a pre definded interval of 2 weeks, and not all at once, or several days in a row.

If the approval will made after the expected date - so it’s the rist for the author.

BTW: You also should look for someone to assist Martin with the German stories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I guess I can take that as a nudge to approve your stories faster than I do :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry… my intention wasn’t to wake you up… :wink:

I was suggesting to find an assistant for you.

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If the rules for a sheduled Story say, minimum e.g. 4 weeks before Release, maybe you’ ve got enough time to proove and Set the Date?

It cannot be the aim, that an author send a Story in then say, please publish tomorrow. :see_no_evil:

BR / Arcturus

Excactly Arcturus!

Thanks for clarification… Arwooo

I like the idea of a publish-by date, if it’s not too difficult to code/arrange. It might actually make clearing out the queue a little easier, in some ways: stories that want to be published on, say Dec 25 or Friday night, can be approved long in advance without the team getting a bunch of stories in near the “peak” times.


As Arcturus and I typing like devils… and the second series of our Story should start soon:

@Corin Should where exactly, we can add the Date, so the admin can see it?

When do you want to publish your series? Maybe I can add this in time. No promises though.

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I think we will be ready early in February

By the way: We love you!

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Good and bad news for you:

Good - we set the start for the new season: Feb. 29th
Bad - Multilingual at same time publishing (German/English) :wink:

I’ve actually worked on this a week ago and made some good progress. I wanted to finish it this weekend, but my time schedule is very tight.

On top of that, I’ve got to deal with a lot of other things at the moment.

I’ll see what I can do.