Stories you think are overlooked

So, just recently a story came up that I think is absolutely brilliant, Fragment by BikeSubiri, but it seems like I’m the only one who was read it and/or commented on it. I know there are so many stories on the site that go back a while, but is there a story (or stories) that you feel got overlooked and wish more people would read (or at least end up in the selections to get a second chance)?

The earliest one I can think of is Timestop in the Locker Room!!! by Freyr & Vicktor, from 2005. Besides Plenty of Time for Fun by College21Guy, this is imo one of the best timestop fics on this site, and I hope more people check it out.

Owning Eric by DannydDaLionKing, is a really hot story where 18-year-old Danny uses subliminals in exercise music to turn his buff, soldier, older brother Eric into his slave. From 2005, this one is a real classic.

Todd Bricker by Hyptrance is one of the first hypno stories I ever read, about a janitor who hypnotizes university athletes who used to bully him in highschool. From 2009, its really good, and I’d love to see it get more recognition

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Thanks for your response. I have read Owing Eric; it’s enjoyable. I’ll take a look at the other two.

For me, among the stories I’ve bookmarked/favorited, I’d probably say All Hail The Emperor and its sequel are overlooked. I really like those and want to write my own story in that universe.

The Little Friends series is also among my favorites that don’t have that much attention (or at least the sections that I’ve bookmarked). It too is something that I would like to maybe riff off of in my own story.

Army boi is another story among my favorites that didn’t get much attention. The transformation of a guy into a soldier by two gay soldiers. I’ve often thought about how the story might work for a straight guy would might want to join them but reject the sexual transformation.

The Implant series by rubbrsome. Rubbrsome is an amazing author, but this series didn’t seem to get attention. I’m a fan of the last part since I’m very into cops/soldiers being converted and controlled.

These 3 are among my favorite stories as well.

@Mafisto Are there any stories you would add to the discussion?

A Hot Day for College Jocks by Duke Student
And When He Was Bad … by magister
Bachelor Party Hypno
Bagging the Berets by cicero
Beta-Tested by Wrestlr
Bliss in a Bottle by bluejay1501
Business As Usual by WishfulThinking
Campus Case Study (Ch. 13-14) by SoxnTies
College Life by SFHypnotist
Cravings by Somewhat Perverse
Doing the Laundry by z119z
Engineered by Builder
Elevator Hypno by Unknown
Even more wishes fullfilled by NCMC Readers
Flight of Fantasy by PutU2Sleep
Flying High by PutU2Sleep
Grease Monkeys by WishfulThinking
Making the Band by DannyTheLionKing
Midnight Margaritas by PutU2Sleep
Model Behavior by w0undup
My Brother’s Keeper 2: Busting In Brent by cicero
More wishes fullfilled by NCMC Readers
New Hypno Method by Jay Roberts
Owning Eric by DannyTheLionKing
Reality He Wrote by Ollie369
Reality Morality by Ollie369
Remote controlled Paper Boy By Hyptrance
Seal of Approval by cicero
Supplements by VA23456
The Conversion of the Kappa Omegas (1 -3)
The Professor’s Game by omegadestiny
The Spell by Unknown
The Survey by northeyes
The Watch by northeyes
Thirst by Piko
TSA Agent by AgainstMyWill
VHS by Orion1961
VHS II by Orion1961
Will the Coffee-Shop Boy by AgainstMyWill


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Wow!!! I didn’t expect so much, but I did ask the question. Hope this helps put a spotlight on all these stories.

Great list! Quite a few of these are on my favorites list, and I’m going to make my way through the rest.

DannyDaLionKing’s stories are among the best to me, and I wish he were still writing.


Fun remains to this day the hottest story I have ever read. The story may be as simple as the title and it might be too vanilla for some, but READING THIS STORY IS SO MUCH FUN. It appears to not have much attention but to be fair, a lot of old comments might have been lost in the changing systems since 2006.

My Roommate Gives Me Nicknames deserves a metion. Derek Williams always write great stories but that one does not seem to have gotten much attention.


Does anyone remember a parody on “Cabin in the Woods?”

I thought it was a clearly clever/meta take on the whole “third party is responsible for transformation” story.

I think the first medium used was a shampoo to turn someone big and dumb?

Yup it’s called Frat House in the woods. This is the first part. One of my faves too.

“Walking Sideways” by Daymion is, I think, among the hottest of the ‘forgotten’ stories buried in the archive. Unfortunately the formatting for a few of its chapters, along with the chapter order, went screwy at some point during this website’s many iterations… I don’t know if the author visits the site anymore, otherwise they could maybe fix it, or permit someone else to handle clean-up. But the story is still incredibly well done, and super hot.

The premise is that this straight protagonist moved to a new place and suddenly starts blacking out, losing control of his body and appearance, which gets progressively more erotic and gay. He becomes sexually tangled up with a really hot, buff neighbor, who goes on a mission with him to figure out what’s happening, while frequently fucking him… There’s a lot of transformation, and lust which overpowers shame, and eventually some supernatural stuff, but also a happy ending.

Here’s the first chapter:

@Nutiper or anyone else:

Would like to spend some time to fix the formatting of this story? Then I’d give you edit rights for it.

Sure, I can volunteer to do the clean-up! I probably wouldn’t be able to get to it till this weekend or the next, but I’d be glad to help out.

I’ve assigned those stories to your account. You can edit them now. When you’re done, I’d remove your ownership again, otherwise the system would keep showing you as the author.

And thank you for that offer!

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I completely agree with your assessment of Fun. Rereading Fun and Tyrannosaurus Sex’s other works on MCStories lead me to seek them out for anything else they may have written.

Lucky for me, that search led to me discovering Gay Spiral Stories and getting to enjoy a whole new crop of exciting works. It’s amazing that I considered myself straight for so long and then exposure to stories like Fun opened me up to explore. It’s almost like I am living out the story in my own way.


Found on mcstories. Yep a favorite for bodies and mysteries and scenes involved. Mc I think keeps it well

Totally agree. “Making the Band” is like one of my go-to stories!