Story recommendations - female cuckolding stories?

Hi, I’ve been a fan of AnonDog’s stories, which usually include a hypnotist disrupting the lives of heterosexual couples. Some of the stories are also told from the perspective of the women in the relationships (the wife, girlfriend, or fiancée).

I think what really draws me to these stories is that the women are left helpless and accepting of the situation, especially when the hypnotist starts doing gay stuff with their partners right in front of them.

Some similar and equally excellent stories I’ve found are Edlam’s Re-Educator and Family Comes First.

So, are there other similar stories on the site? Or maybe on other sites? It’s not necessary that it’s from the women’s POV, and the type of heterosexual relationship could also vary (mother-son, husband-wife, aunt-nephew, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc.). The critical thing is that there should be some form of female cuckolding involved.

I’d love some recommendations! Thank you!