What happened to Swizzington?

So I really enjoy Swizzington’s stories and had several on favorite. I woke up this morning and suddenly they were gone. It seems this happened back in May 2022 and they came back in September 2022. Is this just a thing, kind of like the Disney archive?


was wondering the same. Wanted to re-read one of his stories (What’s Up, Glue Butts?) but couldn’t find it. Turns out, Swizz’s account itself is gone?

From the chat lounge, @mw-scot said that he requested his account be deleted.

Btw, I know this is not the best place to ask, but does anyone happen to save his stories before they are gone? (Slave Academy, yes, sir! How to be a good boy handbook, etc.) It would mean so much to me.

As @Nakintr has said, Swizzington requested that his account and stories be deleted for personal reasons.
He is happy for anybody with copies of his stories to share them privately, he just doesn’t want them to be shared publicly.

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Alas. They are his stories so he has every right to do this.

Sometimes I wonder if instead of favoriting I should just archive the stories I like

@Speaks ,

Thank you for putting this up and alerting us to this. I had spoken to Swizzington privately about of a fan fiction story of his Slave Academy series and he gave his blessing to me working on and posting the story. I wrote to him recently as I was getting near to completing the first chapter but hadn’t heard back from him, so your post explains why. I too wish he would’ve stayed; he was nice and encouraging of my work and the discussion about ideas synced up in some places and diverged in unique ways in others. With this information about his departure I’ll get back to the final touches to the first chapter and hopefully post it up on the site once it’s ready.

This is beyond upsetting and frustrating to hear. Master of the House was one of the best series on this site. I hope someones saved it somewhere because it deserves to be read. I will have to start saving stories physically on my laptop in the future because you never know what will happen. I hope he is well.

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My impression is that Swizz is doing well! He was in good spirits when we talked about his request to deactivate his stories and author account. All seems to be good on his end.

He also mentioned at the time that he’s alright with readers sharing copies of his stories privately amongst each other, and he knows some readers have all his works saved to their personal computers. So I suspect there are definitely some ‘clandestine’ copies of his stories to go around… :smile: Perhaps someone who has a copy of Master of the House can reach out to you and offer to e-mail it your way. It should be fine to do that, just so long as no one is posting the stories online.


If you can figure out the exact URL, the stories still exist on archive.org. (Note: that link doesn’t point to anything special, the editor just autolinked what was meant to be plain text.)

Thanks so much! I had a few people reach out privately with some options :slight_smile: Just another reason why this little community rocks!

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If you have something, especially for Master of the House and What’s Up Glue Butt, I would be grateful. All of them are bangers but those two were in my favorites.

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If you found What"s up glue Butts", i would love to have it please, I love this story.

Noooooo, did Master Of The House disappear again? If someone has a copy of that one and some of his other works, I’d be most grateful

If anyone has a copy of this story could also share this story with me, it’s a personal favorite and I’m sad to hear it’s not around anymore :frowning: but I am happy to hear that Swizz is fine!

Swizz and I are buds and we still chat semi-regularly! He’s doing very well! Out of respect for him, I won’t go into further details without his OK, but no worries about him in general! He’s just focusing on his real life for the time being!


Thanks for letting us know; let him know we miss him, are thinking about him, and wish him the best.


If anyone has the slave academy story saved I would love a copy. Please.

Ditto to the above ^^^

I would love copies of these as well, if anyone has them. Slave Academy would also be amazing, but I’m doubtful anyone has it archived, unfortunately.